Singapore Madai/Tai Kabura Jigging Southern Island Fishing Trip with Ah Ho RSYC

At first I wanted to bring my dad and brother along to our Singapore Southern Islands for some fishing as they hadn't really done any fishing there. That would probably have to be a baiting trip as they are not familiar with madai or jigs. But they were unable to make it so I found some kakis to go on the trip instead.

The boatman was no other than the famous ah ho with The Best Bet from RSYC. He is a knowledgeable boatman who has good understanding of the various spots but he can be a little bit stubborn hahaha....

Anyway, ah ho advised us to get some live prawns as the recent wind may build up again and that will make fishing with artificial difficult. We set off early at 7am after grabbing our live prawns from Dash Fishing Tackle. As usual, I met ah ho near my place and we set off together with the very spaced out expression of setting off at 5.15am! I have immense respect for him in that sense since you have to imagine him waking up every morning at 5am and preparing for every day's trip! Crazy stuff I tell ya!

We went to a couple of spots in search of the fishes but they were not really biting today... The giant grouper aka gao tun was not around at the big grouper spot but ah ho had a good miss though. But at the gao tun spot, I got a shock when I was reeling in my Madai and a big Giant Trevally over 10kg followed it up! I panicked and reeled my madai up to the boat and the fish turned away at the last instance! Whoa!!! Awesome! The majestic sight of that fish coming so close was enough for me....

We hit red snapper, parrot fishes on baits and a couple of groupers etc. We had hit quite alot of small parrot fishes on baits hahaha no doubt these fishes will be good for the dinner table! Spanish flags or teeboon were also present. During lunch, we headed for sheltered waters to have a quick lunch and some fun with sagai. I had some fishes on sabiki rig while ah ho landed some on his micro jig hahaha..... and I also had a bonus sight when I spotted a shark threshing some baitfish at the reef areas...

Red snapper on the baiting rounds...

I also had some fun at one of the spots were queenfish were hiding below a red buoy... lol the queenfish took my inchiku jig but missed! I could see it! There were a school of them! Instead, I changed to storm gomuku jig but hit a chocolate hind instead of the queen....hahahhahaha...

After that was really the highlight when the current started moving and we had some fun madai action. Clarence was madai-ing and hit some grouper and small parrot but I suddenly hit a big fish with my 80g purple madai and the first burst was crazy lol... but the fish was no match for my setup and soon brought to the boat.... a 4+ lbs tusk fish aka eng ko! Quick photo was taken but the fish managed to flip around and the hook landed in my fingers and in a split second was torn out when the fish flipped again...omg... hahaha i was spraying blood all over the boat...

My first big tusk fish on madai jig!

Anyway, put some plaster to cover the big hole and it's back to fishing... missed another big one that hit the jig because I couldn't use my left hand to control the rod due to my big cut.... This was one definitely big as It managed to hit the jig hard enough for the line on the accurate 197 to peel out slightly! What a waste!

Anyway, there was no picture of the total catch but we had around 5 small eng ko, 1 big eng ko, 4 pcs table sized grouper, the red snapper, some teeboon, 5pcs Sagai.... Lousy catch it seems according to our boatman but it was enough for us since the wind is crazy past few days....hahahaha... Fishing in Singapore continues to be productive in using artificial jigs! Hehehe....

Total catch pic... 1 x big hole in the finger.


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