Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Iwarna Catch and Release! Red Tail Cat Bully!

It was the festive long weekend so I bought some guys out to their first trip to Pasir Ris Farmway 3 for the big catch! It was a freshwater catch and release pond but boasted some very big fishes like the Chao Phrya Catfish, Red Tail Catfish, Pacu, Alligator Gar, Patin and recently I saw Kelah there lol... It's quite amazing you can find all these fishes at Singapore and you don't need to go to Bangkok Bungsamram or even IT Monsters Lake to catch these monster fishes...

We caught the night shift after buying some baits but we couldn't get cockles aka sea hum which is a very good bait! Instead we stuck with some chicken liver and kembong... We set 4 rods out which will guarantee some action and I was right! We had a slow start but once the fish were biting, we had a good time but we bust our first 7 fishes! The Red Tail Catfish getting the best of Fengshan when it took the bait directly below him and he was still laughing when the fish pulled into the structures hahahahaha....

We finally starting landing some fishes.... mostly or rather all Chao Phyra....I was quite suprised that they were responding late in the night!

Kiat landed one with chicken mcnugget!! Yes! Nuggets!

We had more burst offs with red tail cat... a huge one getting the better of Kiat and his salty fighter.... turning his swivel into a piece of wire.... hahaha... It took him into the fish rearing area with the red tail cat splashing like mad at that end! Hahaha!

Fs with a greedy tilapia!

Come morning, we were looking forward to fish feeding timing when the fish will respond to baits easily but the fish were shy... and we only managed to land two fish.

Kiat with another CPC... getting the hang of it!

No matter! The guys looked very excited and we will definitely be back... they were like.... "I didn't know pond fishing is so fun!" Hahaha....


Hi, can share actual location?
Nigel said…
no 70 pasir ris farm way3
Anonymous said…
izzit still $30 for 12 hours. and weekdays open at 6pm only?
Anonymous said…
anyone tried using live bait? like live prawns, live milkfish and live tilapia?
Nigel said…
live milkfish and tilapia are popular baits for the cats there but live prawns not so
Anonymous said…

I just started fishing and so far all fishing done at FW3. Not ver successful I'm afraid?

Do u have any tips for a beginner like me when fishing there?

Also where can I buy the live baits from and how much should I buy? Do areas like Hougang or Changi sell them?

Tks in advance!
Anonymous said…
Hi, where can we buy the live baits from?
Does the Hougang or Changi area sell them?
Also any other tips of fishing in that pond?
Anonymous said…
I strongly feel that you should visit Bungsamram and have a feel of how fast the hitting rate and every single fish who pull off the line at least close to 20kg and not forgetting the sze of the lake which allow fair play for the MK(mekong catfish)... I went to farmway 3 a couple of time and notice at time the hitting is not that good and also the water quality is terrible...

Nigel said…
hello anon.... i visited bsr last year ;)
Nigel said…
u dont really need live baits.... just chicken liver will do..

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