Pasir Ris Event Pond - Private Booking

A booking for the Pasir Ris Event Pond (Pasir Ris Pond Fishing) at Pasir Ris Town Park for Shell Fishing Club was made with my Uncle being a contractor to Shell and of course Clarence who was a Shell staff. I popped by to help Clarence's kids with the fishing and of course also to introduce my brother to some pay pond fishing.

According to the organizers, there were 150kg of fish released and they were already released into the pond which is good because if not everyone will be crowding around the cage area. Golden Snapper (Ang Cho), Barramundi (KBL), Mangrove Jacks (Cia Zho) were released and everyone was excited because 150kg was a large amount!

There was a mini competition going on and there will also be buffet lunch served afterwards. After getting some terminal tackles from Tackle 2000 (a tackle shop near Pasir Ris Fishing Pond), we got down to the fishing business!

The most effective bait for pond fishing at Pasir Ris fishing pond so far is fillet tiaow keng (batu scad) and this didn't change during this time! Kelong sotong was also a good bait which brought in quite a bit of fishes. Live prawns worked too but were fairly ineffective compared to the better baits that we had.

Bites were fast and furious during the first 2 hours with the fishes spread out over the pond. Everyone managed to get in on some action... and I even got bullied on my mini paypond setup with a big fish deciding to pull me all over the pond and eventually got itself snagged on the famous crocodile...


It was great to introduce Clarence's kids to fishing and the joy on their faces gave us a warm feeling. All of them caught their first pond fishes and had a good time.

My uncle though was not to be outdone and got himself a 2.46kg Ang Cho which won the first prize! Great stuff.... from the look of the Ang Cho, it's quite skinny... probably a survivor from the last event!

Weighing In

It was great to be doing pond fishing after awhile although Pasir Ris Pond seems like a dead places nowadays with the Main Pond and even Prawn fishing being fairly empty as well. Although some may argue it will not beat wild fishing but the camaraderie with fellow kakis are some things that I value lots and at the end of the day, to bring my brother fishing and to see him get some fishes warms my heart...


Hedonist said…
well said. pond fishing helps cure some of the itch and offers some time to buddies to do a quick catch up with one another.
Hedonist said…
well said. pond fishing helps cure some of the itch and offers some time to buddies to do a quick catch up with one another.

glad to hear ur now feeling better after ur pekan trip !
dhanan said…
hi there bro :-D! do you live around bukit panjang? i live there too. ! hope we can go exploring and bash together. mail me
Nigel said…
hey dhanan.... i dont really go bashing these days

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