Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yak Attack!

Kayak Fishing needs no introduction nowadays with the niche sport being so popular that it was featured on the inaugural issue of Hooked Magazine, Fish ON Magazine and on Fishingkaki etc.

Popular areas that these Kayakers launch from are no surprise as Kayak fishing has no boundaries - Whenever, Wherever and Whatever places these guys can launch from, they will launch! Areas like the Pulau Ubin Mangroves, Yishun ITE (Khatib Bongsu) Mangroves, Simpang Mangroves, Punggol Barat, Seletar Island are all accessible to the humble little Kayak and these areas prove to be a hotspot where kbls, mangrove jacks, groupers, giant herring (ladyfish) are found!

Check out the Yak Attack Videos which are done by Mathew and Don - a crazy Kayak angler himself! Find out how these Kayak anglers do it on their Hobies and Emotion Kayaks! Check out their regular episodes in which they explain the basics and techniques of Kayak fishing... useful stuff for budding kayak anglers!

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