Thursday, May 3, 2012

Underwater Fishing Videos

Posting catch reports have always been done using pictures but the next generation of fishing catch reports will be no doubt in video. The joy of video is that we can have the sound (reel screaming), how the angler fights the fish and of course the whole environment. The smile of the angler fighting the fish is always one to be rememberd.

Recently, i have been doing more fishing video CRs although they are not so professionally done up because i probably have to juggle between fishing and video-ing during a trip! It's hard to get the video footage when the fish actually attacks the bait/jig and most footage is after during hookup.

There are a good number of authors/bloggers slowly moving onto video CRs but we definitely will see more video CRs soon...

Anyway, the next step of fishing video CRs is none other than underwater fishing videos where we capture the fishes in their own environment. My good friend Shawn had purchased a cheap underwater video camera sometime back and we had the good luck to use it on some of our trips. Let's hope he gets a better one soon! Here are the samples and shots that he took with the underwater video camera during our recent desaru trip... some beautiful shots i must say... but must fine tune a little. Hahaha!

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