Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sembawang Sampan Fishing with Dr Rod

I was just idling on Facebook one day when i came across "Jeffrey Tsen" via Mathew's profile. I browsed through a few of his fishing pictures and i realised he was a "Sampan Fishing" operator. The catches were off Sembawang which was an area i wanted to revisit after having portabote luring outings there a few years back. The usual fish to target were usually Barramundi, Barracuda, Mangrove Jacks and so on... So i had some chat with Jeffrey and yes his spots are full of sangoat/snags which is what i want.

Placed a deposit to secure a slot that someone cancelled and off we went! His sampan launched from SAFYC Sembawang but we met at Sincere tackles first anyways to get the bait. His sampan was the right type of setup to hit the waters. Just big enough so we can slowly approach the spot and he was using an electric trolling motor which is good as silence is golden in stalking the fish here.

The first spot was under some jetty and we could hear the KBL "Suckling" sound as it popped mullets from the surface. I could tell it was a new experience for Shawn and the ideas that were getting into his head were probably limitless. We tried a few potential spots but nothing took our bait yet. A pesky grouper came along too...

It was not until we reached the barra spot which i sort of knew where it was that Jeffrey or Dr Rod hit a good sized KBL around the 12lbs range. He was fighting the fish on 4lbs tackle which was sweet! He had another miss and then all went quiet... perhaps the fish just weren't biting then but me and Shawn will definitely be back to have some revenge!!!

Of course, how could I not pose with the fish? Don't tell anyone that i didnt catch that!

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