Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KTM Resort Eging!

It's been a long time since i went eging but the long wait is over! My family wanted a short getaway at KTM Resort, Batam over the weekends and i was glad to accomodate them and plan the trip. This time, we planned the trip with a local Singapore travel agent - Eng Seng Travel service since we could claim the fee. The trip came with a free tour on the second day and i mildly enjoyed myself. We visited Ralph Lauren polo tee shops, Golden Prawn Seafood, Kueh lapis batam factory and stuff like that. And of course if you go to KTM Resort, you have to visit Nagoya mall so we went there as well.

Food at KTM Resort was a little disappointing at KTM Resort as they didn't seem to have the old menu. There was no more kung bao chicken and the crab meat in the asparagus soup was the imitation type! Anyway, the Avocado juice is still good! They have also upgraded their fishing area with railings now and they have spruced up the whole place.

Some pictures of the spruced up areas!

I tried a little day eging but there was nothing much interested in my jigs. I brought a Blackhole Junior telescopic rod paired with my Daiwa Caldia Kix 2000 on this trip since i didn't want to complicate matters with a rod tube.

Come night, it was soon time for eging! There were lots of arrowhead squid although it had rained earlier in the day and i managed to get one for sashimi before i continued eging!

I was competing with the locals for squid and i didn't lose out. In fact, i probably pissed off the locals too much that they packed up and brought their squid lamp home! Gee.... but i carried on eging under the darkness and the squid are still biting. This proves that you don't need light to do eging. I proved the same theory at Sibu kelong and yup this theory is proven again at KTM Resort.

Squid and eging pictures at KTM Resort

I supposed i haven't lost my eging touch! I always get my squids!! :D

The highlight of the trip...


Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel,

Where did you get the Blackhole Junior telescopic rod? How much is the retail price?


Nigel said...

Hi Han,

It's not mine i got it from a friend just for this trip.

I think he got it from fishingkaki.com seller yozuri66.