Shawn's First Peacock Bass of 2012!

Shawn finally got his first fish of 2012 during one of our freshwater luring trips to our now favourite Peacock Bass spot. That place was crawling with Peacock Bass... We won't return empty handed each trip...

The water was very low compared to last time and early in the afternoon the Peacock Bass were holding out in deeper far waters but as the sun set, the fish had come in for a few snacks... We got a few mating pairs out of the water for a good photo shoot...

Shawn did himself proud with the Ima Sasuke... landing the biggest of the trip at 4.5lbs...

Shawn also cam whored with a baby

I was testing out a few lures including the storm flutterstick madflash... excellent casting distance and great concept. The lure can be worked like an underwater pencil, you can let pause the let it flutter while on fast jig or twitch. Quite a number of the takes were on the flutter so mono main line is discouraged.... Hooks must also be sharp and you must be ready to strike when line is taut... this will result in a larger number of foul hook as the fish turns around after grabbing your lure...

Storm flutterstick hitting some good fish

Aggressive PB grabbed the pencil

Shawn with another one

Zerek 120...

We moved to another spot later and spotted a school of baby toman fry... a few casts and BAM... something big took my Zerek 120mm minnow and paused. Gave it a few strikes and zip zip zip... It went steam rolling away!!! It was taking out line at no mercy although i was already at about 4-5kg drag... I hoped the stock hooks would hold... It was dashing all the way to the sunken trees and i was just saying NOOooo Noooo Nooooo with Shawn in the background laughing away...

Then the unthinkable happened just as i steered the fish clear of the danger zone... Not piak not hook bend... but the hook got off the fish! DAMN IT! This was one scary 20 second tug of war... with the fish getting the better of me... Damn!

We'll be back for revenge!


Mindlooper said…
I oso wan to go your fav PB spot. LOL. Its mine fav too. =D
Paddy Pike said…
You make want to go fishing but we are still frozen on our rivers, They are really nice fish so well done everyone,

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