Post Exam Fishing! Beautiful Toman in Singapore

It seems that I can use my photobucket again... Yesterday was the end of my exams for this semester... I thought to myself "What better way to celebrate than to go fishing?"

I was right! The water levels were very low but i still managed to get a hit from this beauty... Once it brought the pencil down under the water, i set it at least 5 times as you know Toman (Snakehead) have very armored head and tough jaws. This 13lb big baby took to the banana trees but I was not going to let it go there!

A beautiful warrior released to fight another day...

Rod used was my 4 years old Shimano Bassterra and reel was Ryobi Artica 3000 with tuff line...

Later on, we got ourselves lots of peacock bass... we landed at least 10pcs on flies as they started to move in... It's a good day!

Always support catch and release guys...

Peacock Bass were around too...

Let's hit the waters again tomorrow!


Paddy Pike said…
Hi Nigel,
Those Toman are a great looking Fish, But I believe that in the USA They are classed as vermin, Wish we had them in the UK, Bet they give the best fight,
Well done my friend,
h|d|R said…
bro where this place. They got take x-rap minnow as well?
h|d|R said…
Bro where this location, can share.

Btw they take x-rap minnow as well?
h|d|R said…
bro where this place. They got take x-rap minnow as well?

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