Pulau Tinggi Bakar Island Adventure Part 1: Intro

Haha guys in this post you will finally be able to see what monster fish Jamie has caught. Follow the captions lol it's quite funny... Part 2 will be up next which will be more on the fishing!

Some pictures on the surroundings first!!!

A storm was brewing but Jamie was as hardworking as ever casting his lure...

Jamie felt that something was not right. He had the feeling that a big fish was nearby!

There was it! Jamie spotted an orange belly shark grazing on coral!

Jamie casted at it hoping to agitate it.

Bingo! The orange bellied shark took the lure immediately as it was near her babies...

Jamie gave a good strike!

The fish was putting up a strong fight and gave acrobatic leaps!

But after awhile, the fish bust the line and stood there laughing at Jamie. A dejected Jamie walked away...


Anonymous said…
Haha worth the wait :)
Anonymous said…
hi bro where is this place?
Paddy Pike said…
hahaha That was great well worth waiting for, You guys are the best and you have great fun, LMAO
Hedonist said…
i enjoyed that bit ! nice island and fishing !

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