Pond Fishing At Ah Tiong and PRPP DBest Fishing

I have been doing alot of pond fishing recently because i have no trips and i got no time/conviction to do any wild fishing. Pond fishing is not as thrilling as fishing in the wild as you know fishes are put in for the purpose. But the skills, tips and drinks are still the same. You have to experiment and test approaches. I have the feeling that fishermen could make great scientists.

Well, me and momok visited the PRPP Pole Rod pond again as we were feeling a little itchy. I tried to go for the big fishes inside the pond but failed. We ended up with 16 pieces of golden pomfret which is a reasonable catch. We fished till almost 4am.

Needless to say, we crashed at the Macdonalds outlet nearby after that...

On Saturday, we went over to find Alan at his shop. They're having a 35-40% Gloomis sale now so hope on over to catch the great offer. After that we went pond fishing with him and Jamie. We wanted to go to Eds pond at first but a regular there told us it's not good tonight so we head to Ah Tiong's pond. It's Jamie's and my first time there.

Jamie and blue hair

The pond is quite big and there are different areas to explore. If you're not familiar, it might be hard to get fish. Jamie took one rod while i just observed. It was 5 hrs for $50. During our time there, they released fishes 2 times but i feel that there's not much action. During the first release, we lost one small snapper around 500g as it threw the hook when i was about to bring it in.

During the next release, Jamie hit one ang cho on dead prawn. I guess the fish swim around in the pond alot as the fish hit some distance from the net. The next fish was an ang cho by me. It was at the dark side of the pond at the concrete slabs. The fish didn't give much fight and i think pond fishes fight sluggish at night. Overall, it looks like a comfortable place to fish but the sizes of the fishes are quite small compared to ponds like PRPP or Punggol. I saw a 1kg Taiwan ngor which nobody wanted... in the end, the fisho gave it to the pond operator.

Oh ya, affordable and good effective flies are now available at Chop Hock Heng. It's good for Peacock Bass so grab it.

I'm going fishing on a kelong tomorrow... it's a last minute thing but my uncle is bringing me and the stories being told by his friends are that there are monsters lurking below that have bullied them... I'll bring some rods along and a camera so will see what i can do....


Paddy Pike said…
You are welcome Nigel, I enjoy the fun you have and the way you tell us all about it, Even if you all crash out at Mc Donnalds haha, Love the Blue hair Jamie, Must be somthing to do with the Fishing, Got it its a new lure, By the way good luck with the Monster fishing, I'm well looking forward to seeing that report,
Best regards,
Fisherman said…
nice fishing. was interesting for me to view ) Good luck !
Hi can i know where is PRPP pole rod Pond?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nigel said…
Pasir Ris park
Unknown said…
Hello can you give me your hp number so i can contact and ask you more about the golden pomfret fishing? Thank you.

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