Friday, February 4, 2011

A Great Way To Start The Year At Pasir Ris Pro Fishing Pond!!!

I'm still waiting for my Sibu trip pictures so it'll be awhile before i post the report. It's 700 photos to sort!

Anyway, i was not celebrating the Chinese lunar new year extensively this year so we did a mini gathering of sorts at Pasir Ris Pro Fishing Pond Pole Rod Pond. It was alan, me, momok and AG. We're there to catch our first fishes of the new year. Like they say... Out with the old... In with the new! It's our second trip to the pole rod pond and now we have the secret technique of getting the fish there so we are quite confident.

Momok walking the plank...

Alan got 1 at the far end...

It took Momok only a few minutes to land his first Golden Pomfret of the day. I was fighting another one when the fella beside me hooked onto my line and jerked... I lost the first fish! But Alan was onto one too and very soon, we were getting quite alot of bites after the worker released some fishes. I even managed to get a barra without bait! Yup... the bugger swallowed a bare hook!


As it approached evening time, the bites got slower and it was still slow even though the worker released fishes again. Some of the fishes put on a good fight on the pole rod and gave us a fun time because we had the whole pond to ourselves during one period of time.

Our end product was pretty good as we had forgot how many fishes we caught. 3 rods, 3 hrs and 27 fishes. We are using dead prawn cubes for our bait and house rods, house hooks and leaders.


Well done everyone! What a way to start the new year!

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Paddy Pike said...

Hi Nigel,
Happy new year to you and yours,
I was looking at the picture where the water looks like it is at the back of a boat, Do you catch many in this swirl,
Hahaha Mamok caught the first fish,then he should walk the plank hahaha