Bringing My Uncle to Pasir Ris Pro Pond Pole Fishing

I brought my uncle and his wife to the pond since they were free on one of the days of Chinese New Year. It was fun going with my uncle's wife hahaha... She called the china guy yandao(handsome) and asked him to release more fish. I think the China guy got shy and he released 10 over Mangrove Jack and 10 over Taiwan ngor(red drum) straight into the pond from the truck. Too bad it was near our time over if not we could have landed more...

My uncle had a great time there. He's a great fisherman who taught me the basics of some fishing like freshwater fishing. He hasn't much chance to fish because of work and that means he doesn't catch much fish. Hontian also managed to join me and even brought his gf along!

I managed to get a chromide lol.

The kim chio (golden pomfret) are biting the moment we put our baits in. My guess is that during the whole night noone came for them at all so they're damn hungry. I think for every 3 hits, we burst 2 fish due to our excitement. We saw a huge grouper around 3kg swim around the pond lol. The first 1 hr is very fun and we hit many pomfrets within that time. After that the action slowed down as the sun bore down on us.

The China man was nice to let us fish awhile more after he released more fishes from the lorry into the pond. It took around 30 minutes for the fishes to get accustomed to the pond. After that we bust off alot of taiwan ngor because the take is just too powerful and i guess too much shock for the thin mono line. The moment you feel the fish, you must lower your rod down and let it run. But i guess all of us were too excited. I managed to get some MJ(Mangrove Jack) on dead prawn meat. The fight is more powerful than the pomfrets but they don't run around too much.

This is our overall catch minus hontian 5 kim chio which is not in the pic... not too fantastic for 3 rods...


Paddy Pike said…
Great fishing for all by the look of it Nigel,
Well done,

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