Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eging Colour Chart Guide and Guide On Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live

I do own some Egi Oh Q Live squid jigs and came across some useful information during some web browsing. Hopefully, this can give a better idea to newbies who just picked up eging. I do agree on the colour chart to different situations and applications. That's a good one.

Colour Chart

How to work your squid jig, various applications of Yamashita Squid jigs and Egi Oh Q.

Hope you find this information useful...


Andres Orts Perez said...

great post, congratulations

Paddy Pike said...

After reading all about the colours the time of day and night, And all the different depths that the different colours vanish at well i though, I wonder if the pike will have a go at these, Then i remembered that Andoni had somthing similar on his blog a few months ago,

Nigel said...

Thanks guys... these tips work for me on how to catch squid. I understood more after seeing the charts. It's really very logical.

Unknown said...

Yo bro, I'm newbie in fishing and going to Ah Fatt kelong this 27-28 April, so i hope for some advice~
I'm see your eging report3 and it was AWESOME to have so much sotong~
I also planning to get some sotong as my wife like to eat sotong so much hope for your valuabe advice~

Unknown said...

Eging advice in kelong fishing pls^^"