Testing The Pro tech Magic Spin Light @ Pasir Ris Farmway 3

After a week i got my Pro Tech Magic Spin Light from Hock Heng, its time to really test the limits of the rod by pitting it against the fishes at Iwarna Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch and Release freshwater pond.

I've tried casting with the rod and its definitely over-rated for a 6-12lbs rod. It casts relatively well but I've yet to get any big fish to really load the rod with a fish moving in the water... Hopefully, I'll get a few hook ups today to really bully the rod.

My new red rod basking in the afternoon and evening sun...

We got the usual secret bait and some dead milk fish i bought. The milk fish were very nicely sized around 4-5 inches so momok and me got pretty excited about using them. I dropped my milkfish to the side of the pond while momok casted his far out. Less than 30 minutes into the session, while momok and me were talking cock, my new red rod slowly bent over.

I sprung into action but i had some difficulty in getting the rod out of the holder. The fish was always diving down and trying to veer away to the right. After some tense moments, i got the rod out of the holder and gave 2 good strikes on the fish to ensure a solid hookup. To my surprise, the fish did not take off into the open but continued plying the sides while diving down. The pull was relatively strong but it was under control...

The fish then decided to head towards the pump area and i had to work my ass off a little to get it under control. The slow powerful dashes displayed by the fish was adding a whole new dimension to pond fishing.

The rod was holding its own against the fish which wanted to head towards the pump...

The Magic Spin Light was doing good and i was extremely surprised by the raw power of the butt. It seems that i underestimated the butt power. It will definitely be a nice addition to your tackle arsenal for pond fishing, freshwater medium-light luring or any general fishing.

When it surfaced, momok and me were pleasantly surprised when it was a Red Tail Catfish!

After some time and after we signaled madly for the worker to come land the fish for us. The fish was stubborn though and kept diving back into the water. In the end, the fish was landed without any accident. It took some time to get my first Red Tail Cat but it was worth the wait!

We wasted no time and baited up except that instead of casting out, both of us now dropped our baits to the side. Not even 5 minutes had went by when my rod made a violent arc again. Obviously, it was driving momok mad since i was getting all the luck. Hehehe...

The fish came knocking by fought with the same characteristics of the earlier one so we guessed that it would be another Red Tail. This one was stubborn and kept veering towards the pump area. The pump area was a obstacle in which most fishes would take cover under. I found out about that the hard way some time later in the night.

Fight with the 2nd cat...

Well, the rod controlled the fish well and with a little bit of slight thumbing, i was able to keep the fish out of the pump. When it came up, it was indeed another Red Tail Cat. This one had a larger head though...

2nd Cat...

Night came slowly...

We tried the same tactics for other Red Tails which may be roaming around the same area but it was all quiet until night time... When i decided to clip on a white rabbit lumo jig to do some night "jigging". The first few casts resulted in nothing so i passed the rod to momok. Momok began to do "Eging" in that he let the jig sink to the bottom and then jigged it up the surface.

Momok got a hit very early into the luring and the take was so strong that he was purring in delight. I guess he too was fascinated at the rod because of its strong blank. After he set the hook, the fish just kept on going but so far, it wasn't crossing any lines.

The rod was loaded thoroughly during this fight. We were able to test out various loading angles and the rod didn't disappoint in anyway. A point to take note was that the reel seat might be prone to wearing out under strenuous use but it should suffice under normal usage. We were sure about one thing though... This rod was definitely under-rated... at least before softening.

Loading of the rod...

The fish surfaced and i got a glimpse of it. A double digit barramundi(kbl) was on the line. The hook with assist line was directly embedded just above the eyes around the head region. Apparently, it was foul hooked.


With a massive turn of its tail, the fish took off again and managed to shake of the hook to the disappointment of the crowd. All was calm again and by now, me and momok had our fun.

But Momok had other ideas and after casting for a few rounds, he managed to hook onto a mini runaway bullet. The reel was screaming for help and gave out line as willing as the rod bent to accommodate the fast running fish which was now far away to our 10 O' Clock.

Runaway train veering away...

After a mammoth battle, the fish was finally up. Everyone around us heaved a sigh of relieve(probably because the could get back to fishing). It was a small Chao Phraya Cat but nobody was complaining!

Momok and CPC

Ah Girl came over with supper for us later on. Thanks to her, we managed to find impetus to continue fishing into the night. I hooked up a sizable Pacu and it burst off into acrobatic leaps. It was charging towards the keep net area. It didn't get its chance though and it was eventually subdued.

Pacu almost landed!

There wasn't any other incidents except the plastic bag floater kena fish... We moved into slumber land while waiting for the sun to rise before packing up.

My new rod was fully tested now and I was well aware of its capabilities and limits...


Fish Whisperer said…
Great report on the rod and some nice fish. Not sure about your face being covered but that is ok.
Tight lines

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