Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daiso Egi Spurt

I went shopping around IMM area and happened to be at Daiso... Heard from the forum that the new batches of Daiso lures are in recently.

I was quite surprised when i arrived there as it looked as though there was a raid on the stocks. There are new swivel/lure boxes and green/gold coloured rattling vibes(silent and rattle). There is also a very cute lure which i think is only 2cm...

I was more interested in the squid jigs which are named the "Egi Spurt". Nose and body are shaped like Yamashitas but the colours are quite intriguing. I found the gold belly with black cloth very attractive. I got myself the yellow body(rainbow belly) and blue coloured(silver belly) too.


The black, yellow and blue!

These new bunch of squid jigs are better quality than the last squid jigs that Daiso brought in... So at $2, i found it quite value for money.

Will be testing them out in my next squidding trip... The black seems good for day time. Black body to emit the sun's heat and a gold belly to attract squid. Kekeke...

The description of the squid jigs are quite apt and decent... A surprising trait in Japanese lures...


tim Soh said...

Hey Nigel!

Just to share this with you, so that may be you can post up on your site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO58SQQ66Ho

Nigel said...

Hi tim... will share with the users here soon! Thanks!