Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year ZERO!

I went out again this morning with my Uncle. He lent me one of his bike and we cycled in to my all time favourite spot(until it was thrashed by netters). My Uncle told me a few weeks back he landed 2 green back "Siam Rui" or Toman. Both were considerably big ones around 7 and 8kg.

Of course, they are now sitting in his fridge. But then again, ah lao fishing still causes less damage than illegal netters. In fact, one common topic both lurers and baiters can relate to is the heavy illegal netting and the damage it is causing.

Oh well... We cycled to the first spot and 'OMG', we saw BICYCLES parked outside the spot. We went in and hahahaha... the Thai workers were busy doing their stunt again. We decided to cycle on and i brought my Uncle to one spot with alot of weeds and water lily but he didn't want to fish here as there was no shade. My Uncle went back to the Thai Worker spot(LOL), and i started fishing at paradise.

The paradise fishing spot was not easy to fish because the fish here are easily spooked. I guess it is partly my fault too. They seldom take lure and will even turn away when they see any lure. I know this because my first few casts, i can see a small Toman chasing my lure. It swam all the way to the front of my lure and really pause there to look at my lure... It swam away... -____________-

I had no takes on frogging although i missed one big hit on Popper. I hooked up a medium size Peacock Bass using metal jig but the fish dropped back when i lifted it up. Another small Toman around 2kg was lost the same way.

I gave up halfway and went to find a Bujuk/Haruan spot that i found last time. It was still there and looks like nobody has went in for a long time. I had a hard time bashing in but eventually i found enough space.


NO TAKES! The last time this spot was productive was when the water was covered with moss and algae... Could it be??

When the sun came out, that was it. I stop fishing, found my Uncle(LOL... KOSONG) and we cycled out.

Sigh... fishing is getting tougher in Singapore but hey there is still some hope in this paradise... Mok, let's go on Sunday.

Anyway, the things we will do for fishing.... Wading into the deep water to rescue my lure stuck at a tree branch...



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