Friday, January 22, 2010

"Pro-Tech" Magic Spin Light

I've got myself one of these affordable yet sturdy blanks from Hock Heng the other day so that i can use it on smaller fishes... I got the 6-12lbs at 6 ft. At first look, the reel seat is extremely eye catching...

At a close study of the rod, i found the rod to be extremely strong for a rod of its category although the the butt area is still a little stiff. I have a feeling it might be a extremely good rod to play with once it has softened enough... Hehe...

Here's some pictures of the rod at Alan's blog. I'll be testing out my new toy from now on... Let's see how the rod handles against the fish.

I brought the rod out for some freshwater action after the heavy rain today... It seems like the fish are taking cover although i had a greenback Toman study me curiously from the shallow water! The water is dirty at Upper Seletar now since alot of water is being pumped in. I'll be taking a break from that particular catchment area for awhile...

Here's some peektures as usual


I'll be going bashing for some fishes this weekend... Let's see what the weekend yields!

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