Saturday Jungle Luring

After a week of not fishing, how could i not go hit the waters during the weekend? I arranged with Darth Vader and here we go again.

Since both of us are feeling a little under the weather, we went to a spot which required less bashing(we thought). We were going for Toman and Temensis at this spot so i was pretty excited as i had not landed any big Temensis yet.

Upon reaching the spot, there were water lily pads all around and it was a perfect place for snakehead... Just that the water level was a little low. It seems that water was pumped out... We casted as we moved along deeper into the trail. We saw a Budjuk resting just beside overhanging branches but it was deemed too inaccessible to cast there.

Peek previews

We bashed along the trial and encountered all sorts of natural dangers like Snakes, falling tree branches, bee hives and even mud which can go up to your thighs if you tread on them. It was not easy to bash since the weather was extremely hot and humid but we persisted...

Obstacles to reach the sweet spots

After clearing every obstacle, we had a lingering though in our minds... And that was the things we do for fishing. I have often discussed this with Momok... It seems fishing transforms the average human being into Navy Seals for a moment.

A picture... it says alot!

During our casting, we landed a few Peacock Bass here and there but still no sign of the Temensis...

We continued casting throughout although there was some wind and the hot sun was beating down on us...

It was almost 12 noon and we had almost given up as all we got were small fishes. The only big miss i got was a Toman mama hitting on my popper to protect her fries.

It was then that Vader suggested we bash into his previous super sweet spot for huge Temensis. Since the both of us still had our quotas unfilled, we pushed on...

30 minutes later
Vader and me are still bashing... We are lost but still calm. The trail seems to have been not used in ages and we could not find any entrance to any spot... We were bashing aimlessly but took note of our bearings so that we would not get lost later on.

We went up and over fallen logs, soft mud and many obstacles but we reached a dead end... Vader was the hero here and he went into the deep water to see if there's anyway we can bash over to heaven... Seems not as it was been blocked off for some tourist attraction.

Vader doing it Navy Seal style

Vader out of the water...

120 minutes later
Me and Vader have given up... We bashed out at 1600 hrs and at 1700 hrs i arrived at home sweet home...

It will be the last time we bash in to this side of the spot... Simply low water levels and easy access to the spot have made it... a GONE SPOT...

Till next week!


Fish Whisperer said…
Wow what an adventure to go fishing. Maybe you did not catch any big ones but it looks like a lot of fun. Great post.
Tight lines
Nigel said…
Thanks dude... It's been a humid week where im based! It was more like trekking than fishing!


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