TP Trip 4: 2 - 4 May - Merlion Parade

Call me Mr Tengirri until i get my Tengirri on jig. Every night i'm thinking of Tengirri...

Day 1
Boarded the ferry to TP as usual. This time, we took Penguin and no regrets because its definitely more comfy although it departs abit later than Falcon or Wavemaster. Went shopping at Kurnia and after that had lunch at Oceanbay... We had Calamari, Scallop, Flower Crabs, Sambal Kangkong. The other table even ordered additional dish of Kung Bao Chicken. Yum Yum. Wonder will it turn out to be another Rogerful trip. Kekeke....

Shopping at Kurnia...

Lunch at OCB



Elly giving us a room to put our excess barang


So day 1, we proceeded to Sea Star II. I met captain Ewan and crew the first time. Totally new boat and new captain... Boat backside was quite small but i liked the front portion of the boat its big and spacious. First spot was the Unjam but before the Unjam many of the kakis are already K.O.


When i woke up i only saw momok, sim and Tian outside. The moment we reached the Unjam spot i saw something amazing... I saw a few Tonggkol jump out of the water in a mad boil... Not once...but twice...and thrice! And they were coming nearer! Bloody Tonggkol school on the move! Grabbed my jigging setup and casted straight at them... Thought i would get a take and prepared myself but nothing happened! Jigged and cast madly... Asked the captain to chase the school madly but they simply won't take anything! Sigh... Sad sad...


Night 1
Night fall and this time the captain told me its around 8 hours to the spot i was like wow... Did i give too much tips? After a super long while we reach the spot only at 12pm... Wow we are quite far out than usual. There was no current yet and no squid either as it was a clear night with strong moon so i took out my egi and after a few cast i got a big arrow... Wahahaha... Momok soon followed up and got some squids too. Those are THE ONLY SQUID of the trip. Anyway, there are some table size grouper brought up at this spot but we are waiting for something... Waiting Waiting...

*ROD BENT* ZZZZZzzzZZZZZZZt Sim's dad at the front of the boat scored a bending rod and he could not get the rod out of the holder... Kekeke... As usual i kaypoh and went infront trying to help Sim Dad fight the fish properly but very soon it was my turn and Sim's turn as both our rods bent. Sim dad fought up a fighting size beautiful Jembulut a.k.a Speckled Trevally. Now it was me and Sim's turn to fight... Sim got up a bulat while i was still fighting the fish...

After a big struggle and some fierce headshakes, the fish swam up all the way... I could do nothing but just reel in and hope the hook won't drop off. After awhile, the fish suddenly shoot opposite and oh shit it got someone's line. After that wahahahaha... i was fishing up 5 big sinkers.

After a damn big fight of sinkers, the fish surface and wow it was a Cobia... It made a damn big splash at the back and shocked everyone. The deckie soon gaff it but the deckie smiley and the fish drop back into the water. Luckily, the hook was still on... and the deckie gaff it again. It was a 13 lbs Cobia... Kekeke... Not my biggest...but this one was a damn tricky one.

After the Cobia, momok cousin managed to get one Cobia too and another Cobia was landed also...there were quite a number of Bulats and batfish landed but after some time, the boat began to rock like mad and people began to peng san... In fact some peng san already didnt come out at all... Needless to say, i also peng san. I pop a seasick pill and went to bed.

Day 2
Wow... Dont even want to mention this morning when i woke up the boat was rocking like Elvis Presley like that... the captain told me to go back to sleep no point. We were seeing white cap and water is splashing into the boat. Around lunch time we changed spot and it was abit better but still people are peng san and many many more merlion evolved. At this spot, some of us tahan and it was batfish frenzy... We brought up some bulat too... Sim had a monster lost... He fought with it and regain 10m of line but after the fish hit the 20m mark... It dive down 20m back and got stuck on some coral... Sigh...

Tian managed to bring up a nice WHITE meat bulat according to the deckie this white meat bulat was very little blood in the meat and the meat win ang chor anytime. The usual bulat has very bloody meat and its another type of bulat.


Anyway, after lunch half of the boat is already peng san even the deckies are taking some sea sick pill. We consider going to the Island to hide or tahan out here... After a tough decision, we decided to stay at the spot and tahan till night see what happens.

Night 2
Night came but not what we expected at the spot... not alot of bites... Maybe because current not picked up. Captain decided to change spot and a few hours later we reach another spot. This time the water was calmer and the peng san people became less peng san but no energy to fish anymore.

At this spot it was grouper frenzy because the bottom was quite rocky. We had a number of table size grouper up... and Sim Dad hit the jackpot with a 2kg grouper....


at this spot i managed to bring up 3 Kaci... Kekeke... all big ones. The others managed some bulats and batfish. This was the spot which many of our fish are hijacked by Tengirri when they are 10m from the surface... After awhile i tulan drop a jig down and guess what my first real fish on jig got away because i didnt put wire tracer. Less than 10m into the drop, the fish took the jig and when i close my bail arm to check my jig... LOL... All i can feel is the line flapping... The Tengirri took my jig at around 7metres..Clean cut from the leader. DAMN! After retying some wire trace, i guess the Tengirri school is gone... No more hijack.

Oh ya my first real fish on jig was a leng chiam on some octopus jig. I was actually trying putting some squid on the octopus jig but after awhile my squid got eaten away and while i was just playing with the jig at the bottom, a small leng chiam came to whack my jig... Kekeke...

It was 3 or 4am or so and the captain decided to call it a day so we can go back to the kelong to ease the peng san people suffering and also go for some R n R.

Overall, an almost peng san trip for me but lucky i always managed to identify when im going to pengsan and a little sleep plus pill helps me. Feel guilty for those people who peng san... Sigh... I know how bad it is to have seasick... Became a torture trip for them.

My Scorecard
Cobia X 1(13lbs)
Bulat X 3(2-6lbs)
4lbs, 6lbs batfish X 3(4-6lbs)
6lbs, 4lbs, 4lbs Kaci X 3(3-6lbs)
Miss wong, grouper and assorted fishes...

1 X Tenggiri wt ???

Glad that some first timer to TP had some chance to fight some fishes... Least i could do.

What a pathethic catch... probably my last time to Elly's offshore. Anyway, a CR is still a CR bad or not...




Oh yes i love the GUSA deep deep more than ever... But its proving quite a handful for me to use especially on the second day... Too heavy maybe? Hmmm...


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