Monday, May 18, 2009

Eging: Mossies Night Out

The Eging bug hit me hard yesterday and i realised that this few days will be the only days left for me to do weekday midnight eging before my enlistment... What to do... The bug got me. Summoned Alan and Momok for ops but Alan got some secret ops and Momok had a wedding dinner so i gave a call to a friend and tonight will be the night i will poison him into Eging.

We reached the spot before midnight and that place was full of people Eging and i even spotted an ah lau using a Yamashita Egi O on slow crank. Bahahaha~ What an injustice to the jig.

Started casting and first few casts yielded nothing but somehow, i got my first squid of the night and all the ah lau was like wow...

Throughout the whole night was lousy and there was no wind so the mossies were buzzing all over the place.

Managed to get another two smallies and another medium sized squid which took out line and gave quite a good tug.

Total catch
2 small and 2 medium squid.


Ziyang didnt manage to catch anything this time round but its just a matter of time... Kekeke...

Interesting note though...all squids were male squids.

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