Sunday, May 31, 2009

KTM Resort Eging and Squid

Was supposed to be a Sibu trip for our favourite green eyes but the jelly fish season disrupted things and the trip was cancelled. Only during Wednesday did we somehow conceive a plan to head to Batam in search of our favourites. Called up my fellow squidding eging crazy kaki and off we went to KTM Resort.

On Thursday, the ferry was confirmed and the rooms were booked.

A total of 3 fools headed to the resort. We got an early ride via Ocean Raider, Batamfast @ Harbourfront Centre. We got to the jetty and the resort driver was already waiting for us.

After a looonnnnggg big climb uphill to the rooms, we were like what the hell? Air Con? TV? Nice big beds? The resort even had free wireless! We seldom have luxury during our adventures and this was a super big change from the hectic, fuss free type of fishing and accomodation that we got at places like kelongs.

Needless to say, after a nice meal, the itchy butts got ready and casted out but it was so damn hot and the tide not really up yet so we went back to the cottage. During our short 10 minutes session, Momok got a small green eye so we were quite optimistic about our chances during the night.

OMG there was already a big ah lau group forming at one of the spots and they had already caught around 6 arrow heads and 3 green eye... One of the green eyes were freaking huge.

Momok started the ball rolling with 3 Arrowheads in quick succession. also joined in and even caught her first arrowhead. I was still firing blanks and soon i was drawn to the more productive spot that was crowded with ah laus. No choice, have to squeeze but the more i see the ah laus fish, i want to laugh. They are just jigging blindly with no knowledge. They dont even strike the squid when the squid takes the bait... As a result, many squids ran away and it was quite frustrating for me...

BUT... there was a moment all the ah lau had some beehoon and a school of 5 giant green eye surfaced... I dropped my jig and it was a goalkeeper take... Kekeke... I got my first squid of the night. Later on i caught an arrow as well. I had a few good take and chases but all miss. I missed a giant arrowhead that chased my size 3.5 Yamashita jig.

It was too crowded and it was getting frustrated so we headed out to a new less crowded spot which i spotted some squid and got a squid during my first cast.  got another green eye here... Kekeke... but sadly, momok zero-ed.

The score for the evening downgoing tide eging time of 3 hours was...
AG 1 Green Eye, 1 Arrow
Momok 3 Arrow
Nigel 2 Green Eye, 1 Arrow

After that it was low tide so we went to sleep and set alarm for 2am in which we can fish the upcoming tide... Lets hope there will be less ah lau then... But guess what smiley thing happened... All of us couldn't wake up and we woke up at around 8am... Damn! Already low tide how to squid?

So no choice, we ate our breakfast and wait for the next upcoming tide that momok got his small green eye during yesterday's afternoon mission.


Wait and wait... Even had lunch... Finally can fish as the tide was coming up.
We went back to the so called secret spot and wow i got my first day squid on my first cast... Kekeke... I soon got another squid my casting beside the stilts. The last squid was also taken soon after... All 3 of them on Yamashita orange Egi Oh. Momok? He got nothing leh... Kekeke! Arrow master fails to catch green eye... Wahaha...

After that, both of us rush back to our hut and wash up so we can get ready in time for our ferry...

For the afternoon session of 1 hours, it was Nigel 3, Momok 0.

Definitely worth a trip back the resort... This time, with baiter hooks and handline... Kekeke...

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