Kranji Reservoir Legal Area Luring Peacock Bass

It was a boring weekend for me... Both days rained hard and i had no chance to go to my haruan playground so come Monday, after a long time thinking and exploring the various option, i made up my mind to visit a spot that was very productive last time in producing good size Toman, Soon Hock and Belida.

However, Monday i overselpt... So...

Come Monday Night i pestered and poisoned momok and SOMEHOW, we found ourselves trudging our pitiful selves to fishing on a Tuesday morning. It was super damn smiley because i overshot the MRT and momok miss his first bus. In the end when we meetup to take bus to the place, it was so crowded we were squashed at the front steps of the bus.

What was more smiley was that we reach the spot at 9am with the sun already shining on us...

We casted for around half an hour but no takes at all... But suddenly the whole place wake up when the sun came out and we began to get some hits.

First to hit something was Momok with his 5 inch rubber... He hit a Toman around 1lbs plus i guess. The greedy fish whack the rubber when momok was about to bring his lure in. So momok did "prawning" with the Toman. Kekekeke...

After that we move on to a spot in which there is a curve in the terrain so when you cast to the left parallel to breaker, its actually a deep spot... This are was the most productive for us. Momok hit a 2.2lbs Peacock with his stupid humbug !@#% He hit another one when i was still staring...

After that he told me the trick and very soon i began to have my fun too... My first PB banged itself on the rock when it jump and drop back into the water so i was quite sad... But very soon i got some more action. Momok also had somemore PB and Toman... And as we move along the bank, we got some hits. Momok even got his second Toman on rubber...

Later on at the secret hole, a good size PB est around 3lbs took my lure and when I strike, the hooks came back all bent. Time to change to better hooks... Kekeke...

Momok also pew a PB in the same area... According to him, it was huge...

We shall be back for more... This time with PB killing lures... Kekeke...

Total Catch
Momok - Landed 3 PB, 2 Toman :: Pew 2 PB
TT - Landed 2 PB, Pew 3 PB


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