Good Sized Haruans (Snakeheads) On Lure

Yesterday was my last day of school and i could not miss the chance to go frogging the next day! I was already super itchy.

So i reach the spot very early and walk in when it was still dark and i almost drop into a hole. Hahahaha... I brought only 4 lures today. Before setting off, i realise i had no more minnows as i sold off alot of my lures so i have no choice i decided to grab mondo's gift and see if i can land anything on it. And i realised that the lure action is great and the casting is good too. It flew pretty far!

Oh ya, i reached the first area of the spot and this is where i miss most of my mamma during the previous trips. I clipped on a pop froggie and wow omg the moment my lure hit the water, a mama toman rose up to whack it. But the mama missed and i was left with a floating froggie!!!

I tried and tried at the same spot but no more takers... Seems like the fishes are spooked. So i moved on to the second area and this time i saw a small ripple just in front of me so i clip on a scum frog and kekeke... After working it slowly, a good sized haruan grab the frog and dive in but the stupid thing happen again... I strike too fast and the hook cannot set in. Damn! Its so hard to condition myself not to strike once fish pull!

Oh ya i tried to get the baby to whack again but no more takes so i casted out far among the weeds with my scum frog and i was actually suprised that it can cast quite well! Worked the froggie slowly among the grass and this time i got my fun. I was actually quite lucky as i was scratching my pimple on my nose when the haruan came out to grab the frog so i have no chance to strike early.... I strike the fish after i scratch my nose and wow the fish was taking out line and heading to the nearby weeds so i tightened my drag and the fish had no chance with the bassterra.

The frog was inside the toman's mouth and firmly hooked up...It was lifted out of the water for a photoshoot and released afterwards.

My first haruan on froggie! Weighing in at 3lbs.

I felt so much joy at this time because finally after trying for so many times, i managed to get what i wanted and it was damn sweet. I want to dedicate this victory to my mother, my father, my brother and of course the famous Alan Chan for poisoning me.

Oh ya after that i tried a few more casts but i kept hearing big splashing noises from a hidden side and yes you guessed it, i tried to bash it to that side and drop inside the water when the grass is SO THICK but there is still a big hole~

I discovered another way to get in and wow that place is another paradise. Whole area overgrown with weeds and overhanging tree branch. How to cast?!?!?!

This time, i decided to test out Mondo's gift and after a few casts by squatting down on the ground and lobbing my lure and fast cranking beside the weeds, i got a fierce take and this fish was damn strong. It took out line even on max drag and went left, went right... It U Turn into the overhanging tree area and almost managed to get itself to safety but luckily i was fast enough to lock my spool with my hand and force the fish out into the open again.

Out in the open, the fish was again trying to get away and took out line, went zig zag all over but i slowly play the fish since it was so open no chance for it to escape. Kekeke...

When the fish finally tired, it was brought in and i was suprised it was actually not really that big and just about weigh in at 4.5lbs. By this time, the fish really cannot make it... Just lie on the ground and wait for photo. Wahaha...

Mondo Thank you ah!!! Your lure gave me another haruan! Got any more? Wahaha... I was really surprised by the lure action and its simply a breezeeee to cast! GOOD ONE!

Anyway, i released the fish and decided to call it a day when the sun came out around 930am so i went home, took a shower and i am writing this now.

Too tired to swim off..

Oh ya, about the pop froggie, do get this lure. The action for its awkward size and bulk is SUPERB. Its darting action is one of a kind. I will be going to Joe to get more of it soon and of course the scum frog too... Kekeke...


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