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Haruan Fishing and Recce Fishing Spot for Bujuk

After yesterday's joy, i could not say no to another outing... Not after i couldnt sleep at night! Made my way to the spot and oh my the water was super greenish today. Casted about and tried all ways to get the fishes but the fishes were rising furiously as usual. Got sick of the spot and decided to go on a suicide mission... Bash Ka Bash!

During bashing, its hard to remember what you see and what you thought. Time went so fast and i just remembered bashing deep into the area, exploring many enticing spots and making a few casts here and there.

I came across a number of promising spots including a water hyacinth infested deep water area. Pity though, instead of tomans, i spotted Giant PBs around the 2-3kg range giving the Tomans a run for their money. Tomans come up for AIR. Well... I saw a Toman come up for air and a giant PB pouncing on the poor fish. A total of 3 consecutive hits on the toman and god knows what happened to it. The lily and hyacinth pads were too far out to reach and i would have to bring my metal jigs during the next trip.

Other interesting spots were 4 - 5 enclosed spots and sealed off from the main water source. Some of these spots were interesting and i found a Haruan nest but after the first one was landed, they seemed to get spooked. I still couldn't believe Haruan can exist in such shallow and super grassy mossy waters. They are such wonders. I was hoping for Bujuk but none took my frog.

In total, i found around 7 or 8 spots with a recce search and bash spanning 4 hours. Although, it was tiring, i now have a clear idea of the area i want to hit next week... Kekeke...

In all, only one PB and one Haruan landed... Both were goalkeepers at very enclosed and weedy areas.

STAY TUNED next week for Weekend Frogging Day 3: Hyacinth Blasting!!!

Oh ya the pics...


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