Personal Best Haruan

God knows what's with me and haruan these few trips. I can't seem to hook up any bobo shooter tomans but instead i'm scoring it with their more elusive counter parts. 

I started bashing in at around 0630 hrs. Boy was it spooky... There were so many weird noises in the bushes today. I thought i heard wild boars. Luckily, they were'nt hostile and i continued bashing in with the fear of getting bitten by snakes always there. I had already put in place a plan should i be bitten. This was thought up the night before because i couldn't sleep!

I was only going to concentrate on the good ol area today. I now call it the Haruan breeding paradise. Hahaha... I could already hear splashes and boofs in the water. Oh boy...

Proceeded to cast at my vantage point which i had not land anything from yet! How come its a favourite spot you will think... That's because i missed so many bobo tomans here on surface chugs. I decided to go big today and clipped on a Pink Surface cruiser. Let's hope big lure will be better for the toman to aim at! In fact i am always wondering about this theory... Do tomans tend to miss smaller lures? Hmmm...

The casting of the 28g SC on the bassterra was a joy. It simply flew far and i could almost hit the other side of the pond...Wahaha... Slow crank, fast crank, walk the dog... Tried everything but no takes although i could see many tiny fries on the surface. No choice... Walked to the second area and started casting...

On the second cast... BOOF! That spectacular beauty of a toman rose up and my SC went under. The line went taut and i thought ho seh liao! In my mind it was...

1) Strike
2) Strike again
3) Careful of fish diving into the water lilys
4) Play a fool with the fish

So i did step 1... Gave the fella a good tug with high drag setting on the rod. I could feel the hook go in with my setting and i could really visualise it but then it brushed against something and scrapped... The head? Oh shit... Worse fears came true. The hook brush against the head of the toman and the hook could not set in! SC floated up... SHIT.

Oh man... i let that area rest first and tried frogging around the weeds. Its frogging time! Kekeke... I had a small miss by a tiny haruan and omg i had a first... My frog sunk because it was overflowing with water so i reeled it back to drain the water but on the way back... A ripple followed my frog and a head came up to grab it. OMFG. It was a soon hock! The soon hock tried to catch up but i couldnt stop my frog in time... After that the fella went back into its hiding place. -_________-

I was so disappointed then... And went back to the toman miss area to recce... Wow... There was a big school of small fries swimming around the submerged banana tree leaves. High level of difficulty... If i miscast, there goes my lure... But i tried anyway... After a few close shaves, i managed to divert the school into the open and started my usual bombing of the school.

Tried hard and furious, making many fries jump up in shock... The school was in disarray but i still could not spot the mama... Nowadays mama-less schools were so common. I tried to focus but there was constant boofing at the area to my left and i couldn't concentrate on working the lure. Nevertheless i casted on at the school while getting distracted by the boofing around me.

However, my dedication to bomb the school was wavering and just when i thought i had enough with the school, BOOF! SC went down under and line was peeling slightly. This time i did step 1 and followed through with a Grander Musashi pose. Upon the hook setting firmly into the mouth, the fish peeled out a good amount of line considering it was almost max drag on my caldia. Wow... The fish stopped taking line and was veering to my right towards the sunken logs...

Now i did a Grander Musashi pose to the left and pumped all i could... When it was finally into the open, i heaved a sigh of relief. The fish surface and instead of a mama toman i was suprised it was a mama haruan! The mama was strong and gave a few good runs before tiring... As i was bringing it in, i was shocked that the trebles were almost falling off from the inner lip! I stepped forward and quickly wanted to bring it in but the mother fucker veered off again...

My reel screeched and the line against the rod guides gave me that feeling that i had wanted to feel... This haruan can fight man...

I was praying and praying for the hooks not to fall off when i brought the fish in... Care taken not to loosen tension on the fish. As it came nearer, i was relieved yet again. In its last struggle, the fish had somehow managed to get hooked on both hooks and the hooks were deeper then ever...

Fish was brought in with a simple pull the leader... It was simply a beauty and a record breaker for me. Now i had officially joined the Haruan on SC club. Wahaha...

Weighed 7.2lbs on a mini scale.

Took out my camera to realise it wasnt functioning again... Damn... second time in the second trip! Had to do with my handphone camera again...

Poor fella took the hooks badly but i don't doubt the tenacity of the snakehead. It would recover. Took some photos quickly and released the mama to her babies which were now nearby.

Catch N Release your prize... Its the way to go.

Walked out with a happy face... Till the next episode!


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