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Desaru Fishing Trip on "Desaru Ahlong" with Kraken Gear SME, Javier the Encik and Sherwinder Tay

I think we actually did poorly during the frenzy. We lost a few non sagai fish. Ah Du also caught and released a decent goldie.

 "So, this will be a tenggiri batang jigging trip ya. Anyone caught using micro jigs will be thrown off board because we don't want any sagai shit happening."

We started the trip off with this mindset which was promising and I felt somewhat vindicated in my efforts. I always tell folks that when you go fishing in Desaru, dream big when jigging. Instead of fooling around with micro jigs, one should try bigger jigs especially when combing the bottom for tenggiri and snapper. 

Or that's what we thought lah. We didn't even last the first spot. I mean, we started out well with big jigs and all but we slowly started to degrade into sagai kakis. Even the last man standing, Sherwinder, also changed to smaller jigs to catch some sagai.

Kraken Gear Ah Du getting ready

The crew setting up shop

We even got chided by Captain Ah Long of Desaru who literally said, "Singapore got so many sagai already you all come Desaru catch."

But in any case, the opportunity to fish far out at Desaru in what Ah Long called "blue waters" was still fun. It was generally quite far out in the South China Sea and the depths were also good at about 150ft. It kind of made me feel like I was jigging out in the day at Tanjung Pinang again. 

Some trivia, did you know that these two fishes are different species?

Anyway, we had a good fishing frenzy over at our first spot before the rain and wind came to throw us off. After that, it was quite bad fishing as we slowly made our way back to land. It was weird fishing though because there simply weren't any tenggiri, barracuda or even queenfish around.

Was very reluctant to pose.

This is actually quite a big jembudok because Javier is a big guy. See the videos below.

Very good sized goldie!

Note to self: Ah Long is quite an animated character, very sociable and direct. Super entertaining.

Some external coverage of the trip:

Simple video footage on Baktao YouTube

Coverage by Kraken Gear Fishing TV

And also a @baktao TikTok
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