Short visit to Ah Hua Fishing and Prawning

They have pole fishing and prawning

Clean pond and fairly spacious

More pictures of the location
Pole fishing!
Go to the counter to get your rods
Water is clear and you can see this prawn hiding in the hole lol

Prawns are mostly medium sized.

Resident parrot!

Fish feeding at $1 per small bag.

Not very economical to dump everything in lol

We had some time the other day and went to visit Ah Hua Fishing on a weekday morning to do some prawning. I also brought the kiddo there to do some fish feeding and it was rather fun as Ah Hua also brought his parrot out for the kiddo to play. The way the place is setup is nice and laidback, with a bit of a kampong vibe and feels different from those urban prawning locations in Singapore.

Some thoughts about the place:

➡️ Water is very clear. Can see many prawns. It is rather rare that operators will not add "colouring" to their pond so that people don't know how many prawns there are. Ah Hua's pond water is clear and you can literally count how many prawns are there.

➡️ Hook up rate is good. But most prawns are medium size. To be honest, I prefer medium sized prawns as it's easier to cook and unlikely to be overcooked outside. I prefer reliving the good old days when you have a bite almost as soon as you put the bait down rather than to catch less prawns. 

➡️ Flexible hours. Able to come back again. Most ponds have this I suppose but what I thought was cool was that you can split two rods if you buy 3 hours. Please go to their Facebook page at for their latest rates. Prawning costs and packages are quite standard across most ponds in Singapore.

➡️ Prawns are tasty and seem quite healthy. Some of the prawns in other ponds have much "soot" and dirt on them most likely due to the water quality or cleanliness of the pond. Ah Hua's prawns tend to be lighter in colour and were really sweet. Maybe it is still a fairly new pond and maintenance is good.

➡️ Pole fishing for barramundi and tilapia available. We tried this before at their old location. Seems rather fun and a different experience if you're into prawning but haven't tried fishing before.

➡️ Fish feeding for Koi available. It's $1 per small pack and the kiddo really had fun as the koi would come up all the way to get the food. Good for kids to pass time while the daddy is prawning

➡️ Generally quiet, clean and no mossies. I really loved the out of the city sort of vibes. You can hear Ah Hua's birds making their lovely sounds. And best of not all much human beings. But parking is limited and quite way in. It's a perfect place for bringing kids and they tend to have prawning promotions during school holidays.

Be sure visit Ah Hua Fishing to catch some prawns! More information and details about the prawning location below:

  • Address: 125a Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121.
  • Facebook: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing
  • Contact: 9125 2088
  • Opened 24 hours everyday


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