7 Recommended Fishing Charters and Cost Sharing Boat Fishing in Singapore (2022)

Yes yes, I know there are so many articles and posts now recommending you places to go fishing in Singapore. However, when you go read them, most of them are just fairly descriptive and is probably adapted from somewhere else. No personal snippets, no personal tips and are just plain click bait-ish. So, I thought why not just write about recommended fishing charters that I have personally went on before. That makes things a little more personal and it’s these nuggets that really do help people make decisions.

Below recommended fishing charters/boatman in Singapore are not ranked by order of preference but alphabetical.

Abang (Southern Islands Area)

Abang is one of the most experienced and cheerful skippers operating in southern Singapore. He specialises in night fishing for golden snappers. If you want to try night fishing in Singapore, you have a pretty good chance with him. Optimal for 4 pax. Departs from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing for night, anchored fishing
Catch Reports: Snapper fishing with abang, Southern Treasures of Singapore
Contact: Facebook

Ah Fong (Changi/Pulau Ubin Waters)

I have fished with Ah Fong since I was in secondary school! That’s easily close to 20 years ago. He is simply a legend in Changi/Pulau Ubin waters and a very experienced fisherman. He’s the go to person if you want to try Changi offshore but his weekend slots are always almost fully booked. Optimal for 4 to 8 pax. Departs from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, jigging (possible), drift fishing
Catch Reports: Fishing with Ah Fong (Pong), one of the best Changi fishing bumboat captain, Tips for light jigging at Changi waters: Golden Snapper frenzy with Changi Ah Fong
Contact: Tel: +65 9784 7166, Facebook

Fish Stalker (Marina South, Southern Islands)

Fish Stalker that operates out of Marina South Pier is a charter that I have went on recently. It is probably one of the largest charters there is in Singapore and catches are really quite consistent. It’s very suitable for newbies since the drift fishing terrain is very kind (mostly patchy rocks, coral, not very big sinkers required). Up to 10 pax. One deckie and one captain is included in the charter. Good if you have newbies.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, jigging (possible), drift fishing
Catch Reports: Fishing with Dad on Fish Stalker Fishing Charter Services (Marina South Pier)
Contact: Tel: +65 9750 8666, Facebook

Jimmy Lim (Changi/Pulau Ubin/Punggol/Sembawang Waters)

I’ve been fishing with Jimmy Lim for years, did some fishing videos for him and we regularly go for supper together. Jimmy is more of a friend rather than a boatman now. Jimmy’s strengths lie in non-conventional new age fishing methods such as ajing, micro-jigging, luring and trolling. His boat is optimal for 4 pax and departs from Marina Country Club.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, micro jigging, jigging, trolling, luring, drift and anchored fishing Catch Reports: Trolling and luring in Singapore with Fishing Captain Jimmy Lim from Marina Country Club, Another Giggling Trip on IT'S Gr-R-Reat with Jimmy Lim

Contact: Tel: +65 8157 8990, Facebook

Jeff Tsen aka Prince of Peace fishing boat for cost sharing (Changi/Pulau Ubin/Punggol/Sembawang Waters)

Jeff is one of the most hardworking, skilful and serious fishing captains I know. If you believe in maximising your fishing trip time, he’s someone that more than often is able to secure a harvest. Also, he loves kids and teaching them how to fish. Optimal for 5 to 6 pax cost sharing. Operates out of Sembawang SAF Yacht Club. 

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, drift and anchored fishing
Catch Reports: Fishing with the Prince of Peace (Jeff Tsen), Sembawang SAF Yacht Club, Singapore, Bring Kids Fishing: 8 Useful Tips if you’re bringing them offshore fishing
Contact: Tel: +65 9742 8579, Facebook

Sea Charter (Southern Islands, Jurong Islands, Tuas)

Sea Charter is also a charter that I have went on recently. The fishing spots are mostly around Tuas area and is very consistent. Seems like many groupers during most of my trips. It is also possible to cast deep diver lures when fishing near breakers. Daniel is also a very easy going and chillax charter captain. Optimal for 6 pax. Operates out of Jalan Raffles Marina.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, micro jigging, jigging, luring, drift fishing.
Catch Reports: Fishing with Seacharter (Daniel) around Tuas waters, Singapore
Contact: Tel: +65 9232 1688, Facebook 

Ah Orh (Boon Black) Fishing Charter (Southern Islands, Jurong Islands, Tuas)

Ah Orh is a super chillax and fun captain. He loves fishing for big grouper too. Optimal for 5 to 6 pax. Operates out of Raffles Marina.

Fishing styles: Bottom fishing, micro jigging, jigging, luring, drift fishing.
Catch Reports: Fishing with Ah Orh (Boon Black) Fishing Charters (Berthed at Raffles Marina)
Contact: Tel: +65 8282 7644 / 9001 4617


Anonymous said…
Hi, may I know what's the price range for these? Which is the cheapest that you could recommend as I'd like to take my family on a fishing trip but we've a limited budget :/
Nigel said…
Best to call or contact them but expect to pay $100 to $150 per head.
evilduxy said…
hi wondering do u have abang contact or is he still chartering? cause went over to his fb and he doesnt seem to use it anymore thanks!
evilduxy said…
hi do you have abang contact or do you know whether is he still chartering ? cause his fb doesnt seem to have update for a long time thanks
Nigel said…
@Evil Duxy, yes he is still doing.
Nigel said…
U can email me I share contact with u.
Sindy said…
Hi, can I ask if the boatmen provide the fishing equipments? :)
Nigel said…
Have to ask them. Some probably do rental.

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