Fishing for Big Grouper in Changi Waters, Singapore

If you're into the local fishing scene, you must have heard of fishing for giant groupers (gao tun) or tong gas (how the local fishing community in Singapore and Malaysia calls it) in Singapore. It's an interesting form of fishing that takes much patient, perseverance and skills. Personally, I have never caught any grouper above 10kg in local waters! Thus, my experience with a recent 8kg hybrid grouper at Changi waters on Ah Fong's boat shocked me because of how hard the fish pulled. It does seem that hybrid groupers fight much better than their orange spotted cousins and are also much more sneakier!

Tackle used:

Zenaq MYS Fooketo Twitch 59-3
Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000 NRPG with YGK Jigman X4 PE 5
Shockleader #20 Seaguar FXR Fluorocarbon
Biteleader #16 Seaguar FXR Fluorocarbon
Hooks 2 x Lions Fishing cheap hooks

Description of fight:

Fight was not easy. First the boat went over a hill so it was shallow followed by a downslope. At the end of the downslope though was something that looked like a seacave and the live prawn was taken the moment it went to the deepest point. The first burst was quite literally crazy since I was close to full drag on the OJ2000 NRPG! But I still gave up about 5m of line! By then, the fish had went back into the cave and Ah Fong had to reposition the boat such that the angle was in my favour. Yanked the fish up and it was smooth sailing after that. Quite an easy fight and the fish was up quite fast. The next time you are thinking of bringing light tackle to Changi... think again...

More pictures:


Footage credited to Shawn Xue of


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