Eging for Offshore Fishing?

I've been quite bored of fishing recently because it's just so predictable. It has come to a point where it's just about time and abit of luck. But... this guy called "AB" made it interesting again by showing me how to use an eging rod for offshore fishing! 

So on my last trip I tried it out... and I think I will be trying it out again fairly soon. 

Some thoughts... 

  1. It is not true that you will get bullied or it is not strong enough. I was able to handle up to size 4 sinkers, 40g to 60g jigs and 40g sinking minnows.
  2. I was using a Shimano Vanquish 3000 with 10lbs braid, 40lbs fluorocarbon leader. If required, I can still get the fish up easily.
  3. Jigging and casting on the rod is actually not tiring. In fact it was fun!


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