Ah Fong Changi Fishing Charter Fishing Trips

Stuck with local Changi Fishing because of COVID-19

I've been super and too busy over the past few months to update anything regularly and to be honest, would have forgotten most of the context of past fishing trips to write out anything substantial. Hence, posting the below trips as an update instead. The trips were on Ah Fong Fishin, he's probably no.1 when it comes to Fishing Charters in the Singapore, Changi region.

Dec 2021 Ah Fong Trip

Not such a good catch but some decent sized fishes...

March 2022 Ah Fong Trip

Probably a farmed specimen. But still a very good fight. Weighed in at about 3kg.

One of them pesky groupers

This good sized specimen was taken on kelong sotong via tenya

March 2022 Ah Fong Trip

This grouper was caught on octopus bait and was one of the most tasty gaos I've eaten. Food CR: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbZ7b9OpLfp/

Not sure why no total catch CR. Probably caused it sucked?

Tried out a few contraptions that day

Tried this too...

March 2022 Ah Fong Trip

CR was reasonable. Company was excellent.

We discovered a few eating place called Le Xuan.

Decent catch report

April 2022 Ah Fong Trip

Extremely enjoyable day with some prized catches!

Korean Seer Fish! Wonderful eating.

Tried to do slow fall for premium species but got the drain fish

Parrot fish were around!

Premium fish day


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