Fishing trip with Fish Stalker Fishing Charters in September 2021

Super lukewarm CR. The groupers are pretty good sized though.

They say not every fishing trip will be good. Some result in "ice cream" which is a famous saying among the locals here that has the same meaning as a bad trip. It won't be accurate to blog just about awesome trips so here I am with this catch report...

I learned that...

  • Strange regional weather does affect the catch. It might be due to pressure build ups.
  • Sometimes, fish bite harder during the days when there is no current.
  • Drift fishing can be terrible without wind and current.
But I also...
  • Discovered the wonderful taste and eating qualities of the red emperor fish (again!)
  • Was able to fish with "Tenya" the whole day (since Fish Stalker has an ongoing Tenya fishing competition)
Oh well, to cut things short... The bite rate was lukewarm in the morning on the up current and we expected it to pick up during the down going in the afternoon but never materialised... nevertheless, we had fun as with all fishing trips.

Pictures of the trip and the wonderful red emperor snapper...

Pretty wild caught red emperor snapper

Lawrence landed this at the very end!

Dubious grouper...

My special guest "JDM Abang" caught one...

Perfectly steamed!

Such a beautiful specimen that took octopus

Top view

I rarely eat fish head and eyes but this one, no chance!

Fish was chilled in the fridge for a day and eaten the next day. Not freezing it actually helps retain the quality of the fish.


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