Friday, June 27, 2014

Merchong (Nenasi) Fishing with Tee King Chong

My first encounter with "King Chong" or "Ah Chong" of Merchong fishing village was a rather brief one. Years ago, we were on our way to Pekan for some light jigging action but our trip was cancelled because of strong winds so we drove along the coast hoping to hire a boat out for fishing at less choppy waters. It was then that we stumbled upon King Chong's fishing kampong and so I went into one of his boathouse and saw him mending some fishing nets. I asked him whether we could go offshore fishing now and he laughed it off... Well no hope there...So we gave up on the idea and went food fishing instead...

Somehow now in 2014, I was actually going back to Merchong to do some fishing with King Chong! Compared to Pekan or Rompin light jigging, you can actually do everything and anything at Merchong's fishing spots. You could do jigging, luring, trolling, baiting, popping, eging and more!

The fishing and logistics were easily prepared in Merchong. We stepped out of our simple, clean and air conditioned chalets for a simple breakfast at the "cookhouse" next door. It was a simple meal of seafood porridge, kopi, half boiled eggs and the usual. After breakfast, we took a leisurely stroll to the boat berthing area while our barang barang were ferried over with a Toyota Hilux! Nifty arrangement! Lunch in the form of tingkats were brought on board the boat so no worries about our lunch too!

Dennis scooping the Seafood porridge
Hilux to load our gear

Rise and shine!

Tingkat for lunch!

Along the leisurely walk, we had to avoid cow dung as we were just walking along a small path beside all the farm animals.... It was kind of cool that way... farm stay + fishing trip... ha ha ha... And... the boat was big and spacious too! I wasn't convinced that it would be able to take 8 pax comfortably but it did! The design of the boat was low and there was ample shelter. It also travelled quite fast on the water.

Boarding the boat!
The fishing was just like Ah Biao had told us, we could do everything here and the current was not very strong. Size 1 - 3 sinkers were used. The spots here seemed to be good patches of coral here and there with resident fish population being very strong. We caught an abundance of Miss Wong using baits but for the two days, it was a standard pattern of good fishes landed in the morning and a gradual lull in the catches as the day goes by. Both Dennis and Kiat lost big cobias on jig at boatside... Weiyee also lost a very good parrot when it bullied him... We landed a decent mix of grouper, trevally, parrots and loads of Miss Wong! Although Ah Biao told us it was a bad catch, it felt like a good catch to some of us!

Weiyee scores!

Ah Biao gets a gao too!

Kiat scores a cuda on lure

See? Everything also can do one!

The Shimano sustain couldn't handle a Cobia!

Chermin jigging run continues for me

Yao zham anyone?

Dennis and Weiyee having fun
The catches were of course transformed into food at the end of the day... as we huddled together at the "dining quarters" and had a good laugh over the day...

Total catch for 2 days...

What a spread!

HK Steam Ang Chor

Wild boar curry!

Triple gao hk steam!

Spot the teochew steam parrot?

Relaxing after a day's fishing...
Can't wait for the next trip back there! It's my type of relax fishing place! No rock star and high expectations, just cruising along~

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