Friday, June 13, 2014

New Singapore Prawning location coming soon! Fishing Paradise (FP) Prawning at Pandan Gardens!

I know I know, we are still overawed with feelings and memories by the closure of the late Haibin Bishan prawning place.

And I also really really know that the prawn size and quantity these days are pretty pitiful compared to the 'golden ages'...

But then have you heard that a new prawning pond will be located in the west? It will be located at Pandan gardens by the fishing paradise people... PANDAN GARDENS and NOT PANDAN RESERVOIR...

Renovation works are on going and you'll likely to receive latest updates from their Facebook page which was just created... Here's a screen grab!
Here is the address for fishing paradise prawning at pandan gardens!

200 Pandan Garden S(609336)
Prawning, Team building and Family Gathering
Bouncing Castle, longkang fishing
Contact: 9632 7626
Parking: tba

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