Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simple Offshore Fishing Rig (Can be done in 60 seconds or less!)

I have a simple offshore fishing rig to share that I use widely in my offshore fishing. it is very simple to tie and I usually can tie it under 20 seconds. It is especially useful if you need to tie multiple rigs for your friends or family.  It is also tested and proven for a wide variety of fishes in Changi or Southern waters...

You can vary the length of your snood depending on whether you are anchoring or drifting but usually, I'd suggest a general snood length of 30 - 50cm as you can use it for all situations. This rig is very dependable as it does not use any knots to join any snoods together. The whole rig is based on a "one line" one piece concept so it's a really tough cookie!

The only weakness so far is that the bottom (sinker) loop may be damaged over time if you keep getting snagged. Also, if big fish takes the rig, the loop might close up and you may have a very ugly rig! Limitations of this rig also is that is a bottom feeder rig... but that's usually where all the fishes are anyway!

Hope the below illustration is useful!


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