Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kong Kong River Mangrove Fishing with Rosman

Remember my not very exciting trip to Kong Kong river almost 4 years ago? That trip was not an ideal trip as expectations were mixed. Our idea about Kong Kong was that it was a huge mangrove river system ideal for lure casting for the elusive Barramundi... Something like a poor man's Australia mangrove fishing! We had communication issues with the boatman back then and he brought us to more baiting spots than luring...


Finally arrived at Kong Kong Kampong after 1 hour drive from Singapore
On this trip, Rosman brought us to various interesting spots around the Kong Kong river system... abandoned prawn farms, submerged mangrove roots, deep channels along the river.... you name it! We were finally able to exercise our inner luring fetishes!

Kinda of surreal looking spots...

See what I meant by inner luring fetishes?

True blue mangrove water!
The wind was still quiet in the morning, and we had some luck with the baits and lures. I finally hit a good kim at Kong Kong on my favourite white rubber rabbit lures after casting at some submerged pipeline cables... ha ha.... and Kuanyang got a pesky tiger...

Yes! finally, I got what I came for!
On white rabbit rubber!

Kuanyang the baiter got a tiger...
But the good fishing didn't last as the monsoon wind picked up and battered us. Even though captain Rosman and Encik persisted with prawn spinning, the kims were simply not biting... Luckily we had some worms and landed a few good ang cho/snappers with it!

Crazy winds headed our way!

Luckily we had worms...
After that we cut our mission and went to have a good Kong Kong dinner by the sea... Splendid way to end the evening!

Everyone shag after non stop casting

Tiger and Snapper HK steam
Fresh calamari from the baktao we caught lol

Nonya steam kbl!
Looking forward to end of the season Kong Kong trips where we can act like lurers and get some fish... but make sure nobody is around first! Ha ha...


Hedonist said...

nice catch nigel !

pity about the wind but i guess there is always a next time !

Nigel said...

Thanks Hedon :)