Thursday, April 3, 2014

2D1N Batam Trip (Mecure Hotel) Groupon Review

The last time I went Batam, we stayed at the Prince Palace Hotel and Novotel. Both were pleasant stays but the Novotel stood out as the more elegant and new hotel but it was a tad more expensive. This time round, I decided to check out the Mecure Hotel which was also part of the Accor group.  It was a good deal at $39 for ferry, tour and room.

Anyway skip to the chase, the tour is the usual 933 tour... now I actually found out if you wish to skip the tour, they can make arrangements but the tour will bring you to quite a number of good places like below...

We went to the Tua Pek Kong temple also known as Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple in Nagoya.... Not as impressive as Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple but there were local kueh shops behind which sold ondeh ondeh at 30cents per pc! The quality was good...and we sapu so many packs!

Large variety of local kueh!

Old school?

The tour also brings you to factory outlet which is just beside Astro foodcourt... you have to try swee's currypuff there which is a favourite among locals. At 45 cents per currypuff, it's crazy cheap and I think it's better than old chang kee! The bakuteh there is good too and you get a big bowl of mixed parts for i think $3... best of all is the pig blood which you can't find in Singapore anymore.
Swee's curry puff! Yam and potato is recommended
We had the free lunch included in the package.... nothing much to shout about except the 933 restaurant is built on stilts and there are so many big fat milk fish there.... there's a fishing package available but I didn't enquire much. CNR fishing for milk in Batam?

Milkfish paradise
Some cherries...still unriped...
After a long day, finally back to Mecure hotel... Wifi available..
Mecure hotel is just beside Windsor foodcourt which was recommended by our taxi driver... now highly recommended by me. They sell the same variety of seafood like Harbourbay but it's way cheaper and more delicious!

We had around 10 dishes including scallop, stingray, steamed live fish and 4 Heineken beer bottle for like $75SGD! It is a must go!

Next day was free and easy at Eska spa and massage..and lunch at warang tekko at batam centre... black angus beef ribs was good

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