Monday, April 28, 2014

Desaru Baiting/Jigging with Bravo 2 (Rosman)

Yes yes I know... I haven't been posting at all. And even worse, I'm skipping certain trips first because I misplaced the photos. Here's to sharing a rather recent trip with KY, CBK (Chao Bot King), Weiyee to Desaru with Rosman yet again...

Rosman's transport of choice. Fortuner! Comfy!

Weiyee loading up!
It wasn't quite an "open season" catch but we were extremely fortunate to be fishing on the very first few days after the monsoon winds stopped. The fishing trawlers didn't leave that to fortune though and we saw them making their way to the fishing grounds the same time as us. Nevertheless, Rosman was confident we would nab a few ang kueys during the "downtime". The plan was to exchange our live prawns for some good eating reef fish before going for the tengs and it was a good thing we did!

Action was thick and fast as the red army poured in. We somehow got rather lucky and were in the fabled "red carpet" zone! Well, it didn't last for long though as the school veered away. We still did well and landed a mixture of snappers, kaci and ang kuey! But then according to my taste buds, the red snappers that schooled with kaci were not fantastic eating... but who cares! The deckie lost a few big fishes here on his 50lbs setup... pretty crazy considering in all the situations, he had almost no chance as the fish took out line slowly! Oh well!

CBK got the first fish? I think that means frenzy!

Oh yes ms red...

Rockstar cannot lose right?
As the current picked up, we made our way to the teng spot... baitfish were not prominent but the water was a clear blue cool. We could see the schools of fishes below the water!  Pintails and jigs weren't doing so well as compared to bait though... as proven by KY and his teng which almost stripped his Stella 4k of all his line! Yes, he is a chao baiter!

Chao baiter in action! Can also call him CB KY! Wahaha!
And then, the jigging camp hit back! Weiyee and me were jigging furiously together when both of us got instant hits! Pity though my fish bit through my Kevlar assist hooks and got away! But not cool Weiyee who landed this beautiful tengiri papan! Tengiri papan seldom take bait though although you can drift tiny tamban fillets to try for them.

Storm super gomoku yet again!

Ok lah, I did catch something on jig also hor!

Full shot!
After the bite went dry, it was time to go back to the reefs for some table fish! And this was where CBK vindicated his rather well CB nick! Rosman was talking about big ang gao when some whooper took CBK's live fish on the bottom!

"Pump it up!" everyone shouted... as CBK finally got the big ang gao off the bottom. It was a big ang gao for sure as the take was instant, bait was live fish and we were fishing at the famous ang gao pinnacles... After CBK got it 10m off the bottom, all of us were adamant we would be having ang gao tonight! Until.... the line went slack and well, all of us went slack too. How on earth could that happen???!?!?!? Careful preparation was made to tie the hooks with steel wire and thick leaders! A study on the rig saw the hook bent straight... and the barrage of friendly abused persisted... something along the lines of "everything swee except a CB HOOK!" Hahaha....

Here's the total catch... and while we were taking photos, deckie had a hook up!
Fish for everyone!
We nabbed consolation though as a last minute eng koh was brought ecstatic KY begun chanting yao zam.... We weren't too sure why but we found out later!!!

teochew steamed ang kuey. Meat quality not fantastic!

I was skeptical but I was satisfied after this. Never did I envisage yao zham eng ko to be so tasty, fluffy and delicious! Thanks to CB KY introduction!

Fried Teng eggs.... the must have whenever on a teng trip!

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