Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scuba Diving at Pulau Dayang

After not diving for almost a year, the itch to get back into the water to view the world beneath the waves beckoned. I did the Advanced Open Water Dive with Blue Reef Diving this time round since Apache Divers were no longer doing dive courses. I was by myself on this trip as most of my diving friends had already completed their AOW Course but not to worry - I found that a main attraction of diving was to go alone and not to worry about your friends/family or life. Going alone for such trips may seem "emo" or "lone ranger" but I found it to be refreshing since you're in thoughts with most of yourself and at the same time, you make yourself approachable to other groups since you're alone. That was true as the strangers from the trips turned into friends (and Facebook friends)!

I was a little disappointed that it was not a Live On Board (LOB) dive but when I reached Pulau Dayang, a little part of that disappointment faded away as I saw why divers frequented this place. It was an island which shouted "DIVERS ONLY!" and all around the island were excited divers heading out for trips, returning from trips, lazing around, filling up their dive logs, eating the scrumptious buffet style food there or simply having a cool beer!

The arrangement for the dives were also comfortable. A typical day would include meals at the island after returning from the boat dives was important to us divers because whenever we're not diving, we're hungry! This arrangement was great for sea sick prone divers as well as you spend minimal time on the boat!

Visibility was bad on this trip and only about 6 - 8 metres due to the bad weather but divers did not complain about bad dives! Every dive was an adventure and I'd never seen a bored diver before! I had the GoPro Hero 2 with me this time so I could try out some micro management with cameras during the course. The pictures were not so good but the videos were awesome! I'm saving a special video towards the end of this post!

The course itself wasn't tough and it was more of an "add on" rather than the Open Water Certification. We were shown skills such as navigation, drift dives, deep dives etc... I particularly loved the effortless drift dive!

Anyway, here are the pictures I took during the trip ;)

rain dive!

fellow divers! Strangers turned friends! Divers are spontaneous people!

as excited as always lol

strangers turned friends too

The whole stranger turned friends crew

let's go diving!

relevant to me... litter bugs during fishing!

capturing the nudibranch - I term them the candies of the sea!

Everybodies fish tank!

Giant Clam!

Reminds me of rainbow flakes snack

Mr turtle!

Breakfast was hor fun!


Dinner during day 2!

One of the breakfasts

Old school toasted bread

What can I say?

Wake up to morning kopi

Dorm style

Diving is tiring...

Farewell Dayang!
And here's the video I was saving.... I managed to pat a sea turtle! Although it was not recommended to touch marine sealife, I just couldn't help it and I guess all divers go through this phase! Simply awesome as I was one with the turtle and the turtle did not mind me one bit!

Other things I saw on this dive were the Batfish, Orange Spotted Malabar Grouper, small Humphead Wrasse, Titan Trigger Fish, Cuttlefish, Moray Eels!

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