Friday, June 21, 2013

Changi Carpark 7 Kayak and Inflatable Boat Offshore Fishing

Fishing the waters of Changi was a very familiar ball game for me and when I had the chance to independently fish it together with Boatman Shawn, it was a different kind of feeling to fishing - it was also the proving of certain concepts/assumptions/theories. I considered it as a test of sorts to see how much I gleaned from my countless Changi Offshores with the experienced traditional local boatmen such as Ah Chong, Ah Fong, Ah Long and Ah Soon etc. If you consider the experiences with James, Uncle Soh, Ah Bee and so on, it adds up to even more experience points! In short, I started my first real offshore fishing experiences in Changi waters and I was determined to get fish even without the guide of a charter captain!

The second point I would like to make would be the sharing of spots especially for kayak and self boating fishing kakis. Recently, I've got to hear a few incidences which really sparked a curiosity in me.... Stories about the usual "my spot your spot our secret spot" lingo often used in fishing. I feel that this shouldn't be the case in Kayak/Self Boat fishing simply because the big picture isn't commercial fishing! If you are wary of others potentially spoiling your secret spot with their ruckus, I would recommend that you simply take photos and keep them in your PC without even sharing. Kayak fishos and self boaters don't go around with nets and rawais so loosen up guys - the community needs more love than scorn. To make good this point, I'll be showing the spots here to where we caught our fishes - no editing except my watermark!

In fact, I believe there is no such thing as a secret unspoiled spot in Singapore anymore..... more ever, it is the secret of when, how, what to fish at that spot that often determines a good time!

The unlikely crew of Kayak and Inflatable paddle boat set out again on their journey to nab more fishes - kiat with his never ending of landing a chermin even though he had already caught an ebek, Boatman Shawn with his never ending passion of putting his customers before him and Baktao with his never ending countless fishing theories that were right or wrong sometimes and totally weird other times.

Yet another launch operation... It was now second nature to be paddling!
Shawn decided on Changi Carpark 7 this time round and I was a little excited because it was suitable tide to fish those waters. There were bigger fishes found at that area as compared to our usual Sembawang spots. I would be able to put some theories to sword here like what time to fish at which area and how should we be drifting. And I was half right again as it was a strange day without adequate winds to drift us around. We soon saw Ah Chong, Ah Long and Ah Fong fishing right beside us and that was a good sign as they were the Changi Holy Trinity of old fishing birds! You could say that they were at my spot as I arrived first! Haha!

I proudly told Shawn that the fish will bite at XX timing when the tide changed! And I was in danger of having egg on my face... when Kiat got a hit! Amazing! I was right! Kiat landed himself a handsome Javelin Grunter aka Jio Lor. There was a little while of silence after that as we drifted up and down the reefs and drop offs.

Kiat's Jio Lor and his new shimano biomaster
Soon, the bumboats head off to Tekong and left us wondering why... Until we started singing "Shine Bright Like a Diamond!" and Kiat gave us his "BORING" look... If you're wondering why, it was because Shawn finally scored! He caught himself a handsome Chermin a.k.a Diamond Trevally although if I didn't tell him that his rod was dipping, he wouldn't even know as his back was turned!

that did i really catch it expression
A few minutes later, Shawn was giving me that strange reserved expression again as he was fighting another fish (I must clarify that it was me again that told him his rod was dipping!). A man who cannot see his own rod is a man that needs care right away! Anyway, his expression seemed so serious that I was out of sorts as well. Here was a man who knew losing fishes were part of his game plan and he never counted the fish until it was in the boat!

Anyway, he scored yet again with a Javelin Grunter. Well done Boatman Shawn! Thanks for teaching us how to do it!
Shawn did it!
We cut off our fishing adventure around 3pm when the tide went out and went to Changi Village to find a stall to steam our catches... Steam we did! We enjoyed our freshly steamed Chermin and Jio lor for a hard day's work! The beauty of fishing...
fishing is about sharing and friendship and not ego and selfishness

Steamed chermin!~

yummy steamed jio lor!
Oh yes, If you're wondering what did Baktao catch....
fugu on jig ok!
Here's a brief and basic catch video of Boatman Shawn giving us a good example of calm boat fishing!

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