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Pekan Malaysia Light Jigging 2013!

Pekan has been hot recently with many anglers flocking over to get a taste of what it is like to fish there. Pekan fishing has always been "quiet" compared to the relatively more famous Rompin but it has always been a great productive fishing spot at the East Coast of Malaysia. The best thing I loved about Pekan was that it was laid back as compared to Rompin... The number of fishing charters there were but a handful and the commercialization was little. It was more informal and fishing with Rickey was like fishing with old time friends because of the years behind our long friendship. Fishing was really fishing in that sense - it wasn't stressful.

wanton mee at the usual coffee place

tapao some traditional kueh kueh for lunch
Some of our friends had recently even went popping for GT at Jubilee Reef and had caught up to 47kg GT! That's a whopper considering it's Pekan we're talking about... and it's not just one or two... GTs between 15kg and 40kg have been landed consistently on multiple trips now. Let's hope the good fishing continues!
GT popping at Pekan was always going to be tempting but my group of friends and me didn't have the right tackle so we chose light jigging for the ebeks instead.... Compared to Rompin, I realise Pekan ebeks are much bigger and the quantity is really crazy so the first time jiggers Weiyee and Kiat really had a ball during this trip. They were jigging non stop and although the fishing was tough as clear waters meant wary fish, all of us managed to score some record fishes on our jigs!

baktao is all prepared for a good time

I jigged mostly with my Shimano Bassrise 5-10lbs, 6lbs tuffline with 12lbs dupont leader and Shimano Sahara 2500 when a massive 13lbs Golden Trevally took my micro jig! I scored a personal first.... Javelin grunter on micro jig as well! After that the fishes were below us as Rickey shouted drop ur jigs drop ur jigs! But he got cut off by a fish as all of us were dropping our jigs like mad crazy jiggers....sadly after another boat came, the fishes disappeared?!

a first for me!~

personal best golden trevally

The two days were peppered with sporadic hits and the first time jiggers got their rewards.... though we were disturbed by the shocking amount of sailfishes hunting for baitfish around us. They even took my 12g micro jig! They tortured us when they chased our down and we got our light tackles being dismantled by the runs of the sailfish.... lol luckily we managed to not get stripped of all line... One of the funny moments in fishing when you hook a sailfish on jig and anglers actually curse and swear!

The biggest ebek 16lbs of the trip went to Kiat while Weiyee landed ebeks and a golden trevally! Weiyee was the man of the match with a parrot fish aka eng ko on surecatch flasher jig! Pity though on the second day I had an ebek bust me off when I tried to be funny and used 12lbs dupont leader and went to tighten the drag even more.... the fishes were responding well to finesse jigging with consistency and speed being a main criteria for any hits. The Golden Mean Slow Dancer PE1 paired with a Daiwa Certate Hyper Custom 2500 was comfortable for medium speed jigging and hook ups were very pleasant when I tested the limits of the rod by loading it to the butt!

Weiyee scores his first Ebek!

Kiat with his first ebek on ima gune

rickey not wanting to be left out with a sagai on storm thunder jig

Weiyee with a parrot on surecatch flasher 60g
look at the bend of the golden mean sabel dance!
Weiyee first golden travelly

yup it tok a flasher 60g

tasty fishes came too lol
Tommy and cuttlefish on jig... some rather crazy stuff!
a cuttlefish on jig?!
Some of the food we had during our trip with Nonya Jio lor and Nonya parrot fish being nap as usual... Another interesting dish... deep fried cobia fish fingers was good too
baktao favourite drink to charge up

fried cobia finger

Anyway, to end off... fishing in malaysia is just simply too good........ makes fishing in singapore seem so boring with our fishing spots in singapore dying off one by one... malaysia boleh!

A simple amateur video compilation to round things up!

Soundtracks contributed by (The Kyoto Connection) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Hedonist said…
hi nigel, may i know what reels were used on this trip, esp the one that brought in the bigmac ?
Hedonist said…
may i know what spinning reels were used on this trip ? esp the one that landed the big mac ?
Nigel said…
U mean Rickey's big mac? I think he was using a daiwa exist 2500...

I was using a hyper certate 2500r

Friends were using freams kix 3000, daiwa luvias 3012H...
Anonymous said…
Hello ... can I know how much does it cost ? Where's the place ? Got contact number ?
Nigel said…
pekan. maybe u can see pekan charter

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