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Desaru Fishing Jigging 9 - 10 April 2013

It’s been some crazy fishing for me this few weekends. This trip was Shawn’s first trip since his disastrous Rompin trip. This was also Terence’s, Clarence’s and Ah Yong’s virgin trip to Desaru TU Lighthouse for the Queenies. But our boatman had something else installed for us and we were brought to the Tengerri or Spanish Mackeral spot at a hot baitfish area just behind a parked tanker. The tanker looked old and ill managed. It probably was there was already quite a long time since baitfish and coral had clustered together near the propellers.
The Jackson pintail and pintail tune had the most success here with Terence getting 4 Spanish Macks. The Asari Pink Tails were crap here as we needed super fast retrieve – something the Asari couldn’t. How we worked our pintails was that we would cast as far as possible, let the minnow sinker 10 – 20 seconds and just simply crank it up. Lures are preferred to jigs because it has less chance of getting bitten off by the toothy fish.
Jackson pintail having some hits
Anyway, we soon went off to a wreck to fish for some table fishes as our boatman had sources that the fishes at TU Lighthouse weren’t biting. The wreck was mightily interesting with multiple beeps and readings off the fish finder. I could see that it was snag heaven! And indeed I lost a few Inchiku and Madai jigs to the wreck!

But then I also got this beauty with Asari Inchiku DIY.

How to work an Inchiku jig?
"Some bros asked me how do i work the inchiku. I usually attach the rubber skirt at the middle ring. U can also attach at the back or at the bottom depending on how u want it to fall and work.

DO not drag ur inchikuj too much at the coral reef as it will mean sure sangoat. Instead,i work my inchiku by casting out a distance and letting it fall to the bottom (u need a few casts to have a rough gauge). Best is 0.5m off the bottom to avoid sangoat. Then give a few twitches and retrieve line. Work it the same way as a squid jig. Let it fall just 0.5m off the bottom (it takes a few casts to roughly gauge on how much line to let go. colouored jigging line is recommended). Work the jig back horizontally giving twitches and letting it fall. THe rubber skirt will help to attract fishes. Note that in inchiku,ur rubber squid is ur main attractant and the small rubber squid will attract many small fish...

If current is pushing ur jig to the back, u may wanna cast in front and twitch while the current pushes the jig for u... the casting motion of the inchiku means u can play it while the boat is parked or drifting...
To add on, Inchiku for me is a way to present the jig horizontally at any angle upwards to the fishes at a good reef. When fishes see a jig moving across the reef, it is irresistable to them. By doing this, you can cover a wide area of reef whether you are drifting or anchored.

Madai is more for vertical bouncing and more applicable for drifting jigging it seems unless you are parked just in front of what u think is a good patch of coral
Ah Yong who was first time jigging managed to get this on the drop! But all was quiet afterwards….
We spent the night at a rustic no frills chalet… and when morning came, it was off to TU lighthouse finally! But like what the boatman said, bite was poor… We only managed to land two… So we went to jig some baitfish and prepare to bait for the tengeri!
Jigging for baitfish had some surprises
Surprises like Dorado or mahi mahi came along…
I was using bait too hahaha… and got a solid bite which pulled the Shimano Bassterra to a violent curve! The daiwa certate hyper custom 2500 was screaming like a baby! Hehe… I couldn't stop the fish and it went into the rocks but It was yanked out by hand… I was using 100lb mono leader with 80lbs wire leader… hehehe…
Up came an 11lbs red coral trout!
Minutes later, I was casting out the Asari cast fighter or metal forecast when BOOM! Another take! Another ang gao!!! And a big miss after this ang gao too!!!

Clarence got a spanish flag on jig too!
But it was too late and we had to go home… That’s all folks…next CR will be Pekan again!


dflyer said…
Great stuff! Can you say what rod , reel and line you were using? Tks and great write up..
Nigel said…
hey, I was using a bassterra 10-20lbs 6ft6 and hyper custom 2500r

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