Monday, April 2, 2012

Back from Pekan Fishing

Hi all, i'm back from Pekan on my open season jigging trip with Pekan Rickey.... It was a fun trip... Weather was bad the first day but we manage to land a couple of nice fishes like diamond trevally and golden trevally. Hope i can write the catch report within this week.... have another trip this weekend!



mugzz said...

Hi, May I know the model of the CTS rod in the picture? What pe rating?

Thanks for the information.

Nigel said...

CTS ES - MJ600v1 Length: 6 Line Wt: 2-8 Lbs (PE:0.6) Jig Wt: 5-15Grams SGD $180.00
CTS ES - MJ601v1 Length: 6 Line Wt: 4-10 Lbs (PE:0.8) Jig Wt: 15-30Grams SGD $190.00

Either one. Cant rem