Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asari Pink Tail

Hi guys, recently we found another sinking minnow for saltwater use called the Asari Pink Tail 38g. It is a cheeky name considering the idea came from the Jackson Pintail Tune. Both are sinking weighted minnows that work well in salwater environment. Cast the lure out and wait for it to sink before just reeling it in.

We got the Asari Pink Tail from tackle 2000 at a good price since the Jackson pintail tune is easily two times more expensive. But stocks are finishing fast so hurry up!!!

The interesting thing is that they sort of copy the Technic Prohunter minnow design but casting is ok and action has been tested to be good too. Hoping to use it this weekend at Desaru TU Lighthouse...

I'll try to update the Pekan trip results soon lol.... 

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