Friday, March 2, 2012

Fish Farm Adventures

Recently, i made a trip to a fish farm east of Singapore. It was an extremely last minute trip and my uncle only called me the night before saying that his friends knew some of the fish farm boss and let's all go up for some fishing. Well, it was a long time since i did some baiting so i was a little hesistant but i went along anyway....
Ahoy matey!
Looking back at the storm

The weather was really bad and usually this means the sea will be full of active catfish... Yes we were right.... Catfish small and big were brought up. Tide was going down and water was good for jigging some baitfish so i jigged a few baitfish up which looked like some selar papan. Hooked one with a paternoster rig and dropped it directly below the stilts at the middle of the farm... This was to target groupers and snappers.

My uncle and his friends were casting away from the kelong targetting the stingrays, catfish, chermin etc. According to my uncle he got a very big hit last week and couldn't bring the fish up. All of them were aiming a rocky area which was some distance from the kelong.

I was dozing off when they were shouting to me saying my rod has bent all the way lol.... I got to my rod and gave a strike and yes there was a fish on....only thing was it got stuck at the stilts...oh no... It must be the grouper for sure... made a big round and pull the line from the other side. Yes it got out! But.... a Golden Snapper aka Ang Cho came up! Whoa!!!

The fish bite at the moment the current turn but after that no more.... baited some sabikis and had fun getting jio lors aka javelin fish of different sizes....

Dear sir, some food please?
Nothing more for the rest of the day though... Total catch below! Baby ray was released

But... it's still better than a day out at work! I think i'll be back. Hehehe....

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