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What is Madai Jigging?

Madai jigging and inchiku jigging is getting popular in our waters due to new Japanese concepts that local Singapore is getting crazy on. The fish are responding well to Madai jigging as it is probably something they have never seen before.

Madai jigging in Singapore works by drop shotting the 'octopus-like' jig straight into the coral reef system and work the jig by bouncing it at the bottom. As a result, many bottom fishes like the grouper and curious parrotfish or wrasse get hooked up. Madai jigging is effective because we can target the coral reef extensively and have less chance of snagging or getting stuck.

A giant grouper by Madai jigging by henry ho best bet fishing from www.acfishing.blogspot.com. Hope AC dun kill me as i steal his pic...lol...

Inchiku is also another type of jigging that is new and involves the use of a rubber skirt attached to a metal body. You can adjust where you clip your swivel to or attach the rubber skirt to different areas of the inchiku.... How i work it is that i cast it out and let it sink to the bottom of the reef. I work it by bouncing it off the bottom and reeling back. I work it alot like eging for squid. It will attract fish on the drop and you can pause on the seabed if you want to attract fish but it will result in more snag.

Some catches on Inchiku

You can get Maria, Jigging master, Daiwa madai jigs in Singapore... The ones that i got recently are from Anglers Outfitters. They were having some sale of their Maria Oiran madai jigs so i grabbed a few. The stock hooks look very weak though although the 120g version featured a stronger hook. I attached some DIY rubber skirt and hooks to the madai jig. Hopefully, it will land me some good fishes in my upcoming trip. I will be using an Accurate boss magnum 197 with a Calstar 600XL 10-25lbs to work these madai...

Maria Oiran various weights

DIY modification of the madai jigs (changed after comments from a reader. :)


Anonymous said…
Confirm snagkot by the way you tie, hook line too long, from loop to the furthest hook should be less than 6cm. Been there done that and after sangkot more than 50 pieces then come out with the idea of the shorter the better. Cos the way you tie the hooks will actually sink into the lobang even b4 you lift up the rod.
Anonymous said…
Thanks bro. Will keep in mind your advice the next time I tie!
Anonymous said…


here u go, at least you are taught short cut and not like us every trip lost more than 5 until now then slowly get to improvise the length until maybe lost 1 or 2 per trip only.
Nigel said…
oooooh i seee..... u put the rubber skirt exactly at the hook shank area so can minimize the length. Thanks!!!
How??? said…
What hook size and type of line you use to diy the new hooks?
How??? said…
I would like to DIY my madai too.. but what hook size and type of line did you use ??
Nigel said…
u can try owner SJ jigging hooks and shout kevlar...
How??? said…
Thanks for the reply and sorry for the multi post.. Cheers !!

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