Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chop Hock Heng Closing Down

Hi guys, I just read from Alan's blog that Chop Hock Heng fishing tackle shop will be closing down by the end of March 2012. They will be closing retail operations. Chop Hock Heng are one of the oldest tackle shops in Singapore and it joins five dots in closing down. The stretch of tackleshops at Beach road is now never the same that Sabre Tackle and Chop Hock Heng are gone.

So go down and grab the house brands of Chop Hock Heng before the retail shop cloes. Hunch is that other tackle shops will be grabbing existing stocks of these jigs like white rabbit, protech and they will probably be selling them at a more expensive price!

Btw, there is no indication that there will be any closing down sales so don't bet on it!


Paddy Pike said...

Hi Nigel i read about this on Alans blog, Seems to have been one of the best shops, We in the UK have had shops closeing down all over the country, I cant understand it but its meant to be down to our economic climate,
Us as fishermen and women try to give them our support through the year,
All the best,

Daniel Boey said...

Got an Ugly Stik from them in 1988 !