Pekan Fishing and Jigging at Jubilee Reef AKA Karang Laus

We went for the Ebeks again on the first day. They were just a 30 mins ride away so we had a good early started. Captain Ricky said yesterday they landed close to 10pcs with 20 over lost fish so we were very excited. A few hours proved to be fruitless with Ceelee landing 1pc of Ebek with his crippled herring jig on slow vertical jig while everyone was trying fast retrieves on the cast outs. Water was very dirty with freshwater runoffs very visible with brown foam on the water surface.

We moved on and went for the parrot fishes with crabs and live prawns but the big one’s weren’t feeding even after we sacrificed a few sinkers and jigs.


We trolled a few hours but it was very slow and we missed a few pcs with multiple teeth marks on Ceelee’s Rapala Magnum. We then settled down and tried live baiting and after along while we finally had some silver. Ceelee got a good hookup on a huge tengirri but the fish made a strong last run to the right and the 49strands 30lbs wire got frayed. Dennis boated a smaller one though. The cold wind was blowing after that and we headed back… Saw Dave from Lurehaven and his gang too…

On the second day, we traveled 2 hrs to the Jubilee reef system which was a “donut” reef system with the outer fringes being around 50ft and the inner deeper circle being deeper. Some of us had popping gear with us we went with popping and jigging. Popping was very slow but jigging yielded some small coral trouts. We were very disappointed as nothing seemed to be biting. It was fun to look down below though as we can see the corals from the boat. We spotted a few big fishes lurking down below too.

Tom had a good fish on when something took his live coral fish on the balloon. And it was a good coral trout which made us smile. Ceelee lost one on live coral fish too but Tom was the man of the match again landing a white tip shark and a Tengiri on the troll later on.

We stopped fishing at around 4pm and made the journey back… Very disappointed but it was a good experience nevertheless…

Food at Pekan especially at Sri Nonya was super!

Next trip to Pekan will be in October for the sails...


Paddy Pike said…
more great fishing,
Hope the shark was deep fried haha,

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