Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catching Up - Temensis Peacock Bass

I did some catching up with the Fengshan and Weiyee today. Weiyee hasn't been fishing much as his wife is expecting. I also got my Cobia video form Fengshan! We trekked to a spot which we knew will sure hold some fish. We brought some chicken liver in case we got tired. We started walking at 4pm and reached only at 430pm...

I clipped on a Yozuri Tobimaru and on the first few casts i hit a small Temensis... Too small... fight was over in 5 seconds. Everyone was excited after this and the guys clipped on some lures too.

Shimano Bassterra/YGK Casting PE 1.5/Daiwa Tierra 3000

Hit another on Tobimaru...

Very soon Weiyee got a hit on humbug... And i got a hit on a River2sea Mid Dive...

Mid dive...

This fella gave me a run for my money when the hook got it's eyes. The first run was AWESOME! I thought i got a Toman! But no... small one...

Fs was still a zero fighter and changed to chicken liver later... Guess what he got... Some peacock bass too!

One on the bait... very fast... cast, wait and on!

Fast retrieve and very fast twitching/ripping was the way to go. The water was clear and we could see the fish hit so it was fun!

End of the day i got 5 pcs, Weiyee 3 pcs, FS 2 pcs... All of us were happy after a long freshwater break...


Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Why you bring my new reel fishing and didn't even tell me. Very rude ah.

Paddy Pike said...

Fantastic fishing as allways,
Well done guys,